Today I had the pleasure of visiting the QMS skin spa at the fabulous 5 star Lowry Hotel Manchester, this is the only QMS hotel spa in the UK so I felt extremely fortunate to have it on my doorstep.

From the moment I entered the building I had a sense that this was going to be something special. The doorman in his top hat and tails happily escorted me to the lift, selected the floor and gave directions to the spa.

On arriving into the spa I felt like I’d arrived into a serene futuristic minimalist paradise. Everything was white, bright and naturally light.

I was greeted, offered refreshment and invited to complete a short questionnaire about my skin before being lead down to one of the 8 treatment rooms on offer.

I had opted for the 45 min skin energy treatment. It promised a tantalising combination of deep pore detoxification, revitalising pure oxygen but most appealing for a Mum of a lively toddler, a high powered boost of energy to increase the skins natural vitality.

My skin had suffered from post baby hormonal changes leading to breakouts and sleep deprivation leading to fine lines so I was certainly in a position to put this to the test.

On entering the treatment room my therapist explained a little about QMS and the products that she would be using today.

She explained that QMS was founded over 25 years ago by top surgeon and leading specialist in skincare Dr Erich Schulte. His philosophy has been to develop modern technologies in order to transport his ingredients deep into the dermal layer. The skincare collection has also been designed to improve the skin not just in the short term but to also deliver long lasting benefits.

After my consultation it was time to get down to business, so I hopped into the extremely inviting heated bed of thick fluffy towels and instantly felt relaxed.

The treatment started with a deep cleanse, this was repeated twice to my delight as the massage to my face and neck felt heavenly.

The next step involved the application of the exfoliant fluid with a small brush combined with the exfoliant cream. The latter was massaged in to go deep into the dermal layer. Both products feature a unique peeling system of fruit acids and enzymes which combine to dissolve dead skin cells and accelerate cellular regeneration.

This felt cool at first but then started to tingle in isolated areas. I was reassured that this was all part of the process and that it was preparing my skin perfectly the applications of the collagens. The therapist selected a day collagen as it was before 3PM.  The ph level of my skin was then bought down by a mix of cool water and bicarbonate.

The therapist then informed me that we were coming to her favourite part – The algae mask. This promised to be an enlightening experience as not only would it be completely immersive covering both eyes and mouth, but it would reveal the true condition of my skin. It felt a little strange at first having such a thick mask placed over my eyes and mouth, but the therapist was amazingly reassuring and it quickly became a very soothing and serene interlude.

After 5 mins she peeled away my mask, which was so thick that it gave a perfect impression of my face on the outside. On the inside it revealed that I had dehydrated patches on my forehead and jawline. This analysis would enable her to select the perfect moisturisers to complete my treatment.

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Next came another Dr Schulte special, the H20 serum oxygen machine. This airbrush type machine uses pure oxygen to administer the serum more effectively in order to boost the skin’s regenerative process and it felt super refreshing and light post algae mask.

To complete the treatment I was given eye revive, a 24 hour moisturiser and a product called neck & more for my décolletage. Which all have an SPF 15.

At the end of the treatment I was invited to touch my face and to my delight discovered that my skin felt as soft as my baby’s.

I also had a super healthy glow and my pores were noticeably smaller in my usual problem areas so felt no qualms about back walking through a very stylish hotel lobby sans make up.

The staff were extremely friendly and very informative but most of all the treatments worked beautifully. The next day my skin looked the best it had looked in a long time. Much smoother and massively rejuvenated.

The skin energy treatment perfect post workout or a quick facial fix and at 45 mins long can easily be done in a lunch hour.

Highly recommended.

For more details contact the hotel direct or find on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. www.thelowryhotel.com/spa