Ross Linton went to a barbering masterclass with Pall Mall Barbers who have been around for 120 years!

In this day and age it’s easy to say that appearance and feeling good is becoming more and more important to the everyday man, me included. Today’s gentlemen seem to be on a journey to find the ultimate in grooming brilliance. I’ll be asking is it possible to have old fashioned traditions with a modern twist, but still be discreet and offer the pleasures of being groomed and on point? I took it upon myself to find out.

As you enter Pall Mall Barber’s you are instantly met with class and masculinity. My service today consisted of a cut, wash and style followed by an open blade masterclass. The shop itself is situated in the heart of London’s buzzing Westminster. It’s modern but still holds onto the traditional look that it may have held back in 1896, Peaky Blinders instantly springs to mind. My service started when I was shown to the barber chair and offered refreshments to relax and unwind while Dan, my barber for the day then began the consultation. We discussed in depth my style preference and what look I was aiming for. Dan shared with me that Pall Mall Barbers has always held onto the idea that every man should be able to have an all-round groom; always keeping the barbers on their toes to ensure the service is current and the best available. The result of my hair cut was unlike any others I had experienced. Dan had ensured my hair looked sharp and was styled to perfection using a mixture of techniques with scissors and blade. It’s been by far one of the best haircuts I have had; if that wasn’t enough it’s then sealed with a head massage using a luxury cooling product.

“the key to the perfect cut is to ensure everyone is trained as hair stylists, not only barbers”

Pall Mall Barbers Totally Aesthetic Magazine male grooming

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I was then introduced to Erin who was to begin my masterclass open blade experience. Erin? A women? A question most men may find themselves asking but believe me, with many years’ experience being trained by some of London’s original barbering guru’s she puts any man to shame when it comes to her blade skills.

being trained by some of the most critical perfectionist in London makes me feel confident enough to put any man through their paces when it comes to shaving”

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I was taken over to a quiet secluded corner of the shop and introduced to my arsenal. Being in my late 20’s and still needing advice on how to shave is probably a bit embarrassing  but the discretion the shop offers by setting an area away from spectators puts all them insecurity’s to one side leaving only the barber and mirror to witness my shame. Erin started by showing me the Pall Mall 5 stage process essential to prepping the skin, she makes sure the right amount is used and the right technique is in place to get the perfect result. The Pall Mall Products have been created with a professional touch offering luxury in abundance. They carry a masculine Sandalwood and Clove scent that effortlessly fills the room. Erin’s next step then begins when she tailor teaches the techniques that are personalised to everyone’s individual beard

“most men make the mistake of shaving in one direction from top to bottom, always shave away from the way the hair is growing to reduce any rash or aggravation”.

Every step is closely critiqued and Erin made sure I was 100% confident to try it at home! It was an experience I won’t forget anytime soon, I learnt some valuable lessons and became a ‘man’ that day.

I can say that from the first moment I entered to the moment I left I was given a superb experience. Quality and traditional go hand in hand with Pall Mall Barbers, mainly because of their home-grown quality products and highly skilled staff, a reason why I can hold my hand up very high and say they have gained a new client and I have gained a new barber.

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