Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We Are LOVING In 2017

Take a look at the TA Mag MUST HAVES in aesthetics, skincare, treatments and wellness with our Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We’re LOVING In 2017 feature

By Lisajane Davies


We are addicted to our new Infracyte LUSCIOUS LIPS – £45.00

A revolutionary new product that naturally stimulates new collagen formation in the lips via Hyaluronic acid.  It delivers instant lip volume, smooths lip wrinkles and gives moisturising lip enhancement effect. You can buy yourself some plumper lips in our SHOPexuviance-deep-hydration-treatment-masque-editors-choice-tamag

Exuviance Deep Hydration Treatment Masque

The new Deep Hydration Treatment masque is a deeply #hydrating #overnight #masque that will strengthen your skin against daily damaging effects.

TA Mag Must Haves 2017 de-stressed_serum_true-north
True North De-Stressed Serum 4.1

A light-weight, highly moisturizing gel-serum designed to infuse the skin with deep hydration. This product immediately soothes, hydrates and helps regenerate the skin while also including skin perfecting actives to treat and prevent the appearance of ages spots inflammatory responses.

Skin will feel immediately feel softer, smoother and appear clearer and brighter.


With the meteoric rise of men’s grooming and barbering set to continue we look forward to our continued work and fascination with all things groomed and dapper.  And with a NEW year brings with it a whole lot of new trends. As men’s grooming brand and educators,  Bluebeards Revenge told us, as well as being Real Men, we’re bonafide fashionistas.

Using their top secret scientific formula (honest), we have accurately predicted the top 5 fashion conscious hairstyles men will be wearing in 2017.

bluebeards-torquay Tom Chapman Top 5 fashion conscious hairstyles for men in 2017

The Lions Collective


We are really into this charity aimed at men’s mental health, an international group of top quality barbers that was founded in September 2015. The group help to raise awareness and prevent male depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses. The Lions Barber Collective aims to create training that will enable barbers to recognise, talk, and listen out for symptoms of depression. They, they can safely signpost their clients when they are sat in the chair towards potential solutions. More information at


Gentlemen get FIT without even having to go to the gym!  We mean get skin FIT with this brilliant range of skincare for the boys.

FIT Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We’re LOVING In 2017

Ross our MANESSENTIALS Guru tried FIT Eyedrate out for us in his column this month and we are as loving the the rest of the range.

Gents we recommend the Moisturising Ultra Serum – £50 which packs a punch with its moisture boosting incorporating the most advanced ingredients to intensely hydrate the skin.skinChemists Advanced Caviar Day Moisturiser Editors Choice TA Mag#

skinChemists Advanced Caviar Duo Moisturiser £84Double up as day AND night creams so a great way to consolidate skincare products and prevent regimes from getting faffy and overwhelming for men.  Powerful marine nutrients, Neroli oil and  Seabuckthorn Fruit oil


The Hayo’u Morning Ritual face_oil_lifestyle_images_1-editors-choice-winter-tamagto shake away our stresses before we even start our day! We also are in LOVE with their beauty and body rituals complete with tools and

Check out the 2017 Wellness Predictions from our expert Zoey Hughes here in her article.

KX Life– is a Private Members Health Club and Spa to global celebrity and superstars!  KX in South Kensington is not totally out of bound to us ordinary, or should I say less famous folk.  The treatment rooms and fabulous practitioners and doctors are there at your service – no membership needed.  Everything from wrinkle injections, Vanquish fat loss treatments and physio to relaxing face and body treatments. Why not get that superstar feeling

Bannatyne Hotel & Spa, Kingsford Park, Colchester, Essex – we are just loving the brand new Bannatyne Hotel and Spa in Colchester.  With the spa currently undergoing a £1 million investment facilities include an award winning restaurant and an exclusive Fitness Club, which all Spa guests get full access to on the day of Spa treatment.  Why not book in for your spa break today – Book Now


We were the first consumer magazine to bring you these exciting treatments and procedure last year and as predicted they are set to grow in 2017.  Let us know if you have had one and what you think

20 Minute Instalift 

20-minute-instalift-by-dr-toni-phillips-totally-aesthetic-magazine Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We are LOVING In 2017There is a new lift in town and the technique is kept a closely guarded secret by its inventor Dr Toni Phillips but the results speak for themselves.  You can book in for your consultation with Dr Toni at KX or


2016 saw the introduction of a little electronic pen which can help to make Botox (or any other Botulinum Toxin type A)  injections virtually pain free and delivered in the exact amounts. Who knew we had been getting overdosed with the hand delivery method for so long.

To find your nearest practitioner or to buy a pen you can contact:

Scalp Micro

Once upon a time men losing their hair were resigned to a life of baldness, hats and possibly even singledom!  But no more with the introduction of scalp tattooing or scalp scalp-tamag Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We are LOVING In 2017micropigmentation, similar to cosmetic tattooing used for eyebrows.  If a man begins to go bald through male pattern hair loss the traditional go to treatments were scalp shampoos or full on hair surgery but now the game has changed considerably with a brand new hair line and overall look of hair able to be created with the artistry of tattoo pigments called MicropigMANtation.

Find out more about training or your local treatments from Finishing Touches Group or read more here about the No Hair Hair Look


profhilo-issue-2-totally-aesthetic-magazine-issue-2-dr-sarah-tonksA new hyaluronic acid available in Europe form Italy is Profhilo, developed by Professor Chiara Schiraldi and Professor Mario de Rosa in the Second University of Naples. What makes this new product so exciting is its ability to improve areas such as the neck and forehead, which can be difficult to treat using more traditional hyaluronic acids. This is because of the way Profhilo is able to flow freely through the tissues without causing lumps or bumps in these tricky regions.


There are so many very exciting things that we have to share with you in 2017 and we will begin to roll out our plans and timetables as the months go on.

Firstly for the trade and training partners or those who want a business or career in aesthetics, we are launching Totally Aesthetic Education Days and One to One Workshops with our TA Mag partners and good friends at Gorgeous WorkThese will for individuals, spas, clinics, therapists and practitioners.

We will be holding regular regional TA Workshops covering Clinic Start-up, Development, Patient Consultations and Treatment and Services Sales, Patient Consultation, Retail, Marketing and Socials Media.  Email for more information and prices.


We are already working with our Advisory Panel, MP’s and Parliament to push ahead with much needed non-optional nationwide Government monitored regulation for the aesthetics industry.  We will keep you posted.

New Talent

We will be announcing new writers, columnists and new collaborations over the coming weeks which are already making 2017 a very exciting year for Totally Aesthetic and all of our friends.

Thank you to all of those who have supported us in 2016 and we look forward to working with you and sharing more with you this year too.

Best Wishes

Lisajane x