Are you a skin care magpie

Marie Reynolds asks – Are you a skin care magpie?

This is a term I use for my clients when they come to me for a specific skin condition and tell me they have the ‘best’ in skin care,  they literally have a bathroom cabinet full of  the latest trend product that an A lister may be using or may have been led to the department store from an advert promising miraculous anti ageing benefits (hate the anti ageing tag!)

I tend to compartmentalise products that help my clients, readers and followers better determine and make better skin care decisions.

There are those products that for me, fall into the category of ‘beauty products’ these are products used to treat the skin superficially, that will hydrate, protect to a certain degree, cleanse etc.

Now , don’t get me wrong the first thing I ask my clients is ‘are you happy with your skin care routine, are you happy with the products you are using’, if they are happy then fine, although I can honestly say I have yet to treat a client that is.

There are a couple of points I wanted to share with you on this – first of all if you have any skin care issue like pigmentation, rosacea, sensitivity, acne or even healthy ageing and you want to heal and correct the skin you need more than a beauty product to do so!

Cosmeceuticals, (a combination of a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical) products that have an intelligent delivery system on the skin will make changes to repair and heal, however be very careful what you choose as certain percentages and ingredients can also cause further damage.

Please please, if you do think of using an advanced skin treatment on your skin seek professional advice, over the counter (OTC) products containing ingredients such as retinols, that are extremely popular can infact be toxic and inflammatory on the skin (read my blog entry ‘ A is for…) Consultation are and should be free so there really is no excuse not to get advice.

Secondly, many products have ‘wonder claims’ that they can penetrate the skin with the amazing ingredients they hold but how does this happen? How can  molecules that are simply to big  penetrate further than the epidermis? It is like trying to squeeze a big square peg in a teeny round hole!

How many times have you checked TV beauty adverts making broad claims about seemingly magic ingredient *78% of 50 people who tried it – yes just 50 people and not all of them liked it!

We are surrounded with a minefield of skin care products, even the latest blog and vlog entries entice us with the feedback of the trend facial wash or moisturiser BUT very few actually tell you about the  hidden nasties they may hold. The consumer tends to buy into the marketing and hype surrounding the brands that churn out product after product and that is what many of us get drawn into like the snake off of Jungle book hypnotising its prey.

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I CHOOSE to use products WITHOUT Parabens, SLS and many other nasties.  Working in the Professional Skincare Industry ‘MY opinions’ and beliefs come from years of hands on experience witnessing the reactive nature of products with unnecessary ingredients on the skin especially when used in conjunction with advanced treatments, this is called EMPIRICAL RESEARCH – (‘research based on experimentation or observation (evidence)’).

I have seen and treated hundreds of clients who have had adverse reactions to topical products with said ingredients and placed them on programs without said ingredients, low and behold had amazing results.

I have worked on clients who have spent years using products with toxic ingredients in them, along with products prescribed including topical steroids and hydrocortisone treatments leaving them with severe damage to the skin.

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Through treatments, results-driven skin care, diet and lifestyle advise they have shown a great improvement, not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

Fact is this, you can get sucked into the hype of the skin care industry but if you want healthy results then look at the ingredients you are feeding your skin. I read on a networking group this fantastic analogy, I think it sums it up “You wouldn’t strip or place toxic substances on topsoil to grow healthy produce, it’s the same with our skin”.

There are some great non cosmeceutical skin care out there I am a great fan of Origins and Avene, just be aware of what you are placing on the skin, don’t be led by clever marketing, ask questions about ingredients that way you can make an educated decision for your skins optimal health.

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