Become BIOHAPPY with Bioglan

Become BIOHAPPY with Bioglan

by Zoey Hughes

So if gut health and a happy digestive system is what you are after then look no further, I cannot recommend the new range from Bioglan – BioHappy enough.

I have been trialing this product since January 1st and can honestly say I Love It, I am a big advocate for gut and digestive health after year of suffering from IBS due to a bad choice diet, I also love the odd colonic to give me good clean healthy intestines and always recommend them to clients with tummy troubles, So I booked and had my new year colonic with and then started my daily trail.

What is the BioHappy collection?

BioHappy is a three-strong collection harnessing the power of nature’s most effective gut-friendly probiotics alongside other key nutrients. The three new products – Daily Cleanse liquid, Daily Cultures powder and Superfood Cultures powder – each contain a carefully researched selection of natural ingredients known to help promote good digestive health, cleanse the system and boost energy levels.

Whether you are health conscious or starting a new chapter in your health diary, the BioHappy range has been created for people who simply don’t have the time to feel under the weather and want to continue doing the things they love.

How to use?

Each BioHappy product can be added to water, milk or smoothies for a delicious daily dose of probiotic goodness.

I personally have been mixing my superfood cultures with ½ banana, and Alpro almond milk in my, The Daily cultures have been mixed with Alpro soya milk or full fat Greek yoghurt and berries, and the daily cleanse is mixed into my daily water bottle.


Bioglan SmoothieWhat’s the product benefits and ingredients?

 Biohappy Daily Cleanse, RRP £16.99/750ml

A tasty lime and mint tummy tonic formulated with grapefruit oil, aloe vera, milk thistle and celery which helps to gently cleanse the system and supports overall digestive health. Take 30 ml mixed with chilled water daily.

BioHappy Daily Cultures, RRP £16.99/24 sachets

Each handy, travel-ready sachet of berry flavoured BioHappy Daily Cultures contains 15 billion live bacteria from three scientifically studied strains. It’s also boosted with calcium chloride and Vitamin C to support digestive health and a strong immune system. Take a sachet a day to balance out healthy bacteria in the gut.

BioHappy Superfood Cultures, RRP £16.99/24 sachets

BioHappy Superfood Culture combines the power of Probiotics and Superfoods! It contains 10 billion live bacteria from two scientifically studied strains. This tasty cacao and vanilla powder is also packed with cacao, coconut, aronia berry, cranberry and black elderberry PLUS B vitamins to aid digestion, boost mental performance and energy levels.

Where can I buy it?

Not often does a brand or product turn my head, however BioHappy has made my gut very happy along with drinking a minimum of 2L of water a day and clean eating, so I for one will be reinvesting in this range.

The BioHappy range is available at larger Boots stores, and the  Bioglan website

So we can safely say that you should Become BIOHAPPY with Bioglan!