Bespoke service at The Legends Barber Shop down The Strand

A really bespoke service awaits gents at The Legends Barber Shop 

The Legends Barbershop is in the heart of London on the strand. TA Mag are always hunting around to find the best barbershop which can be modern but still hold onto the true barbering routes and give you the vintage feel.

The Legends offer nothing less than this with the shop itself retro looking and true to that old traditional the barbershop feel.  We sent out #manonthestreet in to find out more.


As I walked in I was greeted by a smart and dapper very on-point gent called Darius. My first impressions are always a make or break and he certainly made a very positive impression. I was really relieved to see a confident, smart and well turned out barber who instantly made me feel relaxed.

The usual consultation began as I gave my thoughts and ideas on what I wanted or how I really wanted it to look and I was amazed with the feedback from Darius. It was clear from his own observation he had already fully thought out how it was going to go with my grooming experience today.

Darius himself trained in the 80’s back when barbering was a trade you had to really earn your stripes in and back when it was not ‘cool’ to be a barber like it is now.  He was proud of his roots and his conversations flowed with ease and passion.

I always feel nervous when getting my hair cut by someone who I haven’t been to a few times. This is mainly down to my hair implants to combat my balding crown. He wasn’t fazed one bit by this and told me I wasn’t the first gent who he has had in his chair who has undergone an aesthetic approach to combating baldness.

Dusting away the few stray hairs and loosening the apron Darius showed me the finished look. I was blown away to say the least. In just 30 minutes I’d had a full haircut, beard shape and trim and it looked amazing.

The Legends Barber Shop Totally Aesthetic MagazineIt’s evident that the Legends barbershop has passion, artful vision, experience and a team of expert craftsmen running the show. They remain true to the vintage barbering vibe and offer a superb bespoke service.

They are award winning grooming masters! Darius has claimed a new client.

Not only do the The Legends offer fantastic grooming services in 2 central London locations, they will also visit you on location, at events and hold regular barbering academies where you can learn the ropes.  Simply visit their website here

What can I say lads, if you’re in need of a change or a really bespoke service then get yourself booked in with The Legends down The Strand or The Legends at Holburn.

The Legend Barber Shop

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