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BEVERLY HILLS IS NOW A CITY OF WELLTH – A Citywide initiative highlighting the luxury destinations and world-class health and wellness offerings.  If you cannot be healthy and wealthy in Beverly Hills then where can you be!

Launched in May with a forum on WELLTH, including Christie Brinkley, James Duigan of Bodyism and Jason Wachob of mindbodygreen. They brought together leading experts for a season of wellness and mindfulness activities, making them the first city to “own” wellness.

Beverly Hills The City of WellthPlaying on the words “wealth” and health and wellness, Beverly Hills has chosen “WELLTH” as the theme for the campaign. Specialist hotel packages and new WELLTH healthy menus at restaurants across Beverly Hills to highlight the destination’s commitment to wellness as a new life currency are now available throughout the summer onths. You can also test your wellness knowledge with their 902:IQ test online here.

BEVERLY HILLS THE CITY OF WELLTHBeverly Hills: City of WELLTH, is bringing together leading experts for a season of wellness and mindfulness activities. Playing on the words “wealth” and health and wellness, Beverly Hills has chosen “WELLTH” as the theme for the campaign.

First identified in a book of the same name written by mindbodygreen founder Jason Wachob, WELLTH defines a move away from a drive for money and possessions to a less materialistic and more valuable life currency that encompasses wellness and is exemplified by health, purpose and happiness.

BEVERLY HILLS THE CITY OF WELLTHSupermodel Christie Brinkley, a vegetarian since the age 14 and committed to an organic lifestyle, expresses her appreciation of the initiative stating “I’m thrilled to be involved with the launch of the City of WELLTH. A healthy, holistic lifestyle has been intrinsic to my long career in the fashion and beauty industry. A balanced approach to diet, exercise and mindfulness is the key to happiness and life long vitality. Wellness is glamorous!” “The shifting status quo of how success is perceived in terms of health and wellbeing, rather than through material and financial wealth, means the desire for WELLTH is now a key factor in people’s choice of travel destination.

BEVERLY HILLS THE CITY OF WELLTHThe city will be showcasing a range of activities inspired by the pillars of WELLTH: Move, Eat, Restore, Gratitude and Explore.

Jason Wachob highlighted the WELLTH concept and what makes Beverly Hills the City of WELLTH. Experts in each pillar are joined Jason at Alo Yoga in Beverly Hills to discuss their own areas of expertise, the interplay between each pillar and how Beverly Hills contributes to the wellbeing of its visitors. These include Caley Alyssa (MOVE), Matthew Kenney (EAT), Dana Claudat (RESTORE), James Duigan (GRATITUDE), and Charlie Knowles (EXPLORE).Beverly Hills The City of Wellth

Hotels across the city are getting involved with unique WELLTH packages room and spa packages.

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