When your eyelids get as droopy as a Basset Hound there is often little that you can do to rectify it and sometimes surgery is the only way to go for an effective and long lasting result.  Now is also the perfect time to mention that the longer you leave the ageing process before seeking some form of intervention the less non-surgical options will be open to you

In the medical world your eyelids are referred to as ‘Blephs’ and when looking for treatments they are often referred to as ‘Blepharoplasty’ and this can be surgical on using non-surgical treatments.

Gentlemen you should always wear a good high factor SPF sun protection lotion like Anthony Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 or Brush on Block.  In your 20’s gents should start using a good all round moisturiser like Arbonne’s After-Shave Soothing Lotion. In your 30’s you should start adding in some anti-ageing products and serums along with a great eye cream.  This may also be the time to talk GUYTOX as we at TA Mag call Botox for the man. In your 40’s you may see more and more droopiness in your eyelids and opt for a non-surgical and laser treatment, more active anti-ageing skincare and treatments. Surgery is another option for some.


If you leave it until you are in your 50’s before choosing an active sun protection and skincare regime you will greatly reduce the options available for your drooping brows.  Treatments at this stage may leave you with expensive mistakes that do not work or last.  This was the case for Don Moat, 53, a personal stylist from Kent.  Don had always looked fairly young for his age and his day to day work entailed making sure that his clients looked sharp rather than his own skincare.  He moved into his 50’s and saw that he was looking a bit tired around the eye area and did not like it.  Don had never taken care of his skin, he was a wash and go kind of guy.  No moisturisers, serums of face masks here and other than the odd Elemis salon treatment he had no idea about at home skincare.

don-moat-blephs-beforeThe thing with salon treatments is that you need to go regularly, at least one a month, and you need to carry that on at home with some good active products for the bathroom shelf.

He broadly researched his choices on the internet and he avidly read reviews and recommendations both here and abroad. Research complete Don made the decision to visit Purity Bridge in Tunbridge Wells, a surgical and non-surgical practice owned by renowned Plastic Surgeon Marc Pacifico. don-moat-blephs-after

From the moment he walked into the clinic for his consultation, Don was made to feel relaxed, welcomed and he felt an instant rapport with the team. He had a thorough patient consultation and in depth discussion about how he felt about his looks and what he wanted to achieve.  He told me it was at this time he became aware that he had no long term non-surgical solutions open to him so he opted to explore surgical options.  After a full consultation and Mr Pacifico having explained the treatment options and it was agreed that blepharoplasty in combination with a lateral temple lift was the way forward.  Don agreed on surgery and has never regretted his decision and the results are clear. Brilliant work and a very happy patient!

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marc_5346Q & A with Marc PacificoMD FRCS(Plast), Consultant Plastic Surgeon

How much does and operation like this cost? Upper Blepharoplasty under local anaesthetics at Purity Bridge for £2650 or under general anaesthetics for £3900 and £6200 with the  temporal lift included.

How popular is this kind of surgery? Women still make up 80% of our patients, but men are becoming increasingly comfortable with the concept of cosmetic surgery

Why do you suggest having both together? This is not necessary in everyone. However, many people who come to see a plastic surgeon about the upper eyelids also have what is known as “compensated brow ptosis”. This is when people subconsciously raise their brows to take off the weight of their heavy eyelids (or else the heavy lid skin would impact on their visual fields). In these cases, if we were to perform an upper eyelid lift alone, the result would be disappointing but if the brow is stabilised to prevent it drooping down after surgery, the result is much fresher, the outer eyelid area is opened out (as if some wonder cream has been used) and the result is so much more satisfying, as demonstrated by Mr Moat.

Have you noticed a decline in surgical requests since the increase in non-surgical options? As a clinic that specialises in plastic surgery as its core business, we have not seen this. However, one effect we have seen is that people who come to enquire about surgery are sometimes more suited to non-surgical treatments.

A typical example is someone I saw recently who came to have lower blepharoplasty, however was much better suited to tear trough treatment with filler. She now has an excellent result, and surgery can be postponed for another decade or so!

Is it a generational thing opting for surgery? At the end of the day, the right procedure has to chosen for the right individual. If a practitioner is limited in their repertoire of treatments, or cannot offer surgery, they should recognise when it is the right thing to refer onwards. There is always the concern that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. All clinicians therefore have a responsibility to give the correct and best advice to their patients, even if it means recommending something they cannot offer themselves.

What are the most popular treatments for men at Purity Bridge? We see a steady stream of men coming for appointments for facial and body procedures. These include gynaecomastia correction (man boobs), liposuction, facelifts (in fact one of my patients next week is a male facelift and blepharoplasty), eyelid surgery and much more.

More about Marc

Marc Pacifico is dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of care to every cosmetic or reconstructive surgery patient in his care. He will provide you with an open and honest opinion regarding your suitability for surgery, with your safety and wellbeing as his top priority.

When not at work, Marc spends as much time as possible with his young family. Marc Pacifico is a fully accredited specialist in plastic surgery, and is on the Specialist Register in Plastic Surgery with the General Medical Council and a member of both BAPRAS & BAAPS.

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