Bunny Lines The Big Bad Botox Giveaway

Bunny Lines The Big Bad Botox Giveaway

By Fulvio Urso-Baiarda

It happened to me again today.

As a Plastic Surgeon I can’t help but notice the appearance of people around me. If someone looks decidedly great for their age, I’ll check the crease in front of their ear for a facelift scar.

If a celebrity appears in a magazine article with suspiciously amazing before-and-after bikini photos I’ll look for a tummy tuck scar in or around their belly button (it’s usually there, along with the advice to “drink lots of water, like I did” and the mandatory new fitness DVD).

I try not to do it but it’s so hard to stop. And do you want to know the biggest, worst, most obvious giveaway of them all? Bunny lines. You don’t even need to look for bunny lines, they find you, tug on your sleeve and scream in your face. They’re the cosmetic equivalent of a toddler.

So what are bunny lines? They are the little diagonal wrinkles everyone gets on the sides of their nose with normal movement, particularly frowning or nose-wrinkling. They sound cute, and actually I think they are when they are as nature intended: surrounded by an expressively mobile face. But here’s the problem: it is impossible to wrinkle your bunny lines without also frowning. Go off and try it in front of a mirror, I’ll wait.

When you wrinkle your bunny lines you will also see wrinkles between your eyebrows. That’s just the way we’re wired and there’s nothing we can do to break the connection.

Well ok, there is one thing you could do. You could go and get poorly-considered Botox, Bunny Lines The Big Bad Botox Giveawaythe kind that paralyses your frown without touching your bunny lines. If so you’ll spend the next few months chatting away with utmost serenity from the eyebrows upwards whilst bunny lines dance a jig across your nose.

So that’s what happened to me again today: the person I was chatting to with a pristinely immobile forehead kept proudly flexing their bunny lines at me whilst I did my best to ignore it.

I’ve been assured that it is considered bad manners to mention noticing not only that someone has had Botox, but telling them that it wasn’t done terribly well. So I bit my tongue and tried to maintain eye contact whilst bunny lines tugged on my sleeve and screamed in my face.

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Here’s the worst thing: this is so avoidable. If you want Botox but don’t want the kind of look that will get Plastic Surgeons talking about you, you have two choices. First, don’t go totally frozen; that way you’ll improve your wrinkles whilst keeping some natural frown/forehead movement, and nobody will be any the wiser. Or if you want to be totally frozen, just get your bunny lines Botoxed too.

A trained observer would still be able to tell, but at least they’ll know you went somewhere decent. The extra cost of this? For two extra injections and thirty seconds more work, absolutely nothing (in my practice at least).

Please, just for me, the next time you book in for Botox, ask about bunny lines.

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