Celebrity Nano Brows with Nikki Grahame

Nano Brows with Nikki Grahame

When Nikki Grahame calls you in a panic to tell you that she NEEDS new eyebrows you know that you have to get it sorted straight away!  So sort this girls brows out is exactly what we did!

Nikki wanted to have the really natural look of hair strokes and colour but she did not want the ‘slug effect’ that sometimes comes with heavy shading.  That brow in our experience is the digital nano needle brow as the colour strokes tend to last longer and look like our natural brow hair.

We called up the fabulous Finishing Touches Group (FTG) and asked for the help of their highly experienced trainer and all-round artist of the eyebrow, Eva Mylona

Celebrity Nano Brows with Nikki GrahameWhat Are FTG Nano Brows?

Nano is a digital device version of Semi Permanent Eyebrows, Micropigmentation, Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) or Cosmetic Tattooing.  Eyebrows created with a machine and needle have traditionally had minutely thicker hairstrokes.

The newest Nano needles are super fine and very flexible and will allow technicians to create hairstrokes which are as fine, as crisp, as lifelike as natural brows and, best of all, they’ll stay in place!

It is marginally more simple to apply the correct pressure to implant the pigment to the correct depth, especially as the needle can be adjusted to sit only 0.75mm outside the cartridge.  The method of implanting pigment with a machine is a much cleaner and precise process than microblading.

What Happens Next?

Anaesthetic was applied to the brows for around 30 minutes prior to the treatment in which time Eva and Nikki chatted about the brows she would like.  They looked through before and after shots of previous clients so that the desired results were clear.

The numbing cream was removed and Eva then set about drawing on the brows she thought best suite Nikki’s needs with a brow pencil – some newer practitioners may use stencils and tape measures but the experienced tend to work with their eyes and experience.  Tiny adjustments were made and we were ready to begin.

The machine, which I notice is the very latest Vogue model, is switched on and it is just a really gentle hum, quite relaxing to listen to actually.  Specialist FTG pigments are then chosen to match Mikki’s skin tone and colouring and the treatment can begin.

The very tip of the needle is dipped into the pigments and the vibration of the needle pulls the pigment into the cartridge. It is then dispensed gradually down the needle and into the skin as each hair stoke is carefully placed on the brows. The excess is wiped from the skin and the area is kept clean and sterile during the procedure.

Great news is that the numbing cream had worked and Nikki didn’t feel any pain at all.

She Loves Them!

Best Brows Ever she told me, Nikki loves her new brows and is really happy with them. Eva has even managed to match Nikki’s hair with a few lighter hairstrokes throughout. Eyebrows like Nikki’s using a Nano needle last a little longer and should only require a colour boost after 12 months.

There is no doubt that the fashion is for extremely life-like brows and the Nano Brow in Eva’s hands certainly offers this.  Treatments are from £450.

Get your brows booked in with Eva or one of the team at Finishing Touches Group 01444 414744 or Aurora Clinics 03300 400 4350

Look out for Nikki Grahame on Channel 5 – Thursday August 3 at 10.05pm Channel 5