Close Shaves at Ted’s Grooming Room

Close Shaves at Ted’s Grooming Room – with 11 sites across London and owned by one of the sharpest dressers in the UK.

Ted’s Grooming Rooms, owned by Ted Baker, London, know a thing or TEN about male grooming and men’s style

The concept began after a CLOSE SHAVE in ISTANBUL

The art of barbering is a long-standing Turkish tradition, dating back to the time of the Efes and Ottoman Empire. Now, Ted isn’t quite that old, but he is a well-travelled gent.
In fact, it was while having a wander through the backstreets of Istanbul that he discovered the joys of letting a man attack him with a razor.

Close Shaves at Ted's Grooming RoomUnderstandably apprehensive, he soon relaxed when the history of their craft was explained. You see, Turkish barbering is a skill that’s handed down from generation to generation and a master barber only passes on his title (and razor) to his apprentice after many years of training
– which is nice to know.

Close Shaves at Ted's Grooming RoomSmothered in hot towels, splashed with astringent lemon cologne and given a full face massage, Ted found the entire experience incredibly relaxing (not to mention the closest shave he’d ever had) and without a moment’s hesitation decided to bring the experience to the UK and open Ted’s Grooming Room. After all, he knew plenty of gents who like things trim and proper.

Close Shaves at Ted's Grooming RoomTA Mag Reader Reviews – Ed’s experience:

Close Shaves at Ted's Grooming RoomTeds grooming rooms was exceptional from start to end, the only thing is they don’t take appointments but thankfully the wait was not long at all, I must admit I was surprised to see ladies in the queue.

I was instantly offered a drink of my choice on arrival by a beautiful girl called Victoria who brought me a coffee to begin with followed by a beautiful bottle of beer halfway through my treatment.

My barber Mustafa was so attentive and we chose the CUT A LONG STORY SHORT option with a sharp and stylish haircut at £32.

The attention to detail was phenomenal. They started with washing my hair with the most beautiful smelling shampoo, great haircut, steamed towels, and excess hair burning. They have the most amazing range of aftercare products that work very well for all hair types.

There was a constant stream of clientele, this is a very busy location in Covent Garden. I would highly recommend Teds Grooming Rooms I do not think anyone would ever be disappointed

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Yiannis’s experience:

I found the premises and whole environment really cool and different compared to any other hairdresser salon or barber shop I had been to. The staff were very friendly and everyone made the effort to welcome me and make me feel great.

The barber explained to me the whole process and he also gave me all the options which we could apply in my case considering my beard was not that long.  I had the THE TOMMY ‘N’ TURKISH for £28 which consists of  a ‘Traditional’ cut-throat shave or beard trim.

He answered all my questions in terms of tips and products to use at home as I am considering to growing my beard longer now.

The treatment was like going back in time :-))) Like it is in the movies… I loved it!

As an aesthetic practitioner who loves to look after myself I will definitely come back again and make it a part of my routine regular face and skincare.

I think gentlemen that we can safely say TA MAG MEN double #RECOMMEND Ted’s Grooming Rooms all across London.

Say hi and find out more on their website on Instagram @tedsgroomingroom on Facebook Ted’s Grooming Room and Twitter @Teds_Grooming

Why not buy the next man you know a Gift Voucher for a bespoke treatment  and we cannot wait for Ted’s Grooming Rooms new at home range – coming soon.  Let us know what you think!

Close Shaves at Ted's Grooming Room