Derma Tx Brightened My Day

Exfoliation is one of the most important skincare steps for healthy, radiant skin and mine was a bit dull and fighting winter.  Imagine my delight when a DermaTx Microdermabrasion Brighten System arrived at TA Mag Towers!

DermaTx Microdermabrasion Brighten System contains:

DermaTx Microdermabrasion BrightenCream 75ml (up to 30+ treatments)
1 x DermaTx Facial Tool
1 x cradle
1 x exfoliating foam head
Plus a FREE cleansing brush head

1 year warranty for the device

This microdermabrasion treatment works by exfoliating dead skin cells quickly giving visible results to reduce the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, acne scarring, and so much more.

THREE different creams, depending on your needs:

  1. Clarify Micro’ Cream – great for oily, spot prone skin and enlarged pores
  2. Rejuvenate Micro’ Cream – great for normal/combination skin that’s dull, lack lustre and enlarged pores
  3. Brighten Micro’ Cream – great for sun damaged skin with melasma/ pigmentation and enlarged pores

I had chosen the 
BRIGHTEN Micro’ Cream which is great for sun damaged skin which has melasma/ pigmentation and enlarged poresDerma TX


Sabiwhite™, a proven, safe and effective natural skin brightening agent. 

– Vitamin A exfoliates the skin, increases cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation 

– Effective on pigmented (melasma) areas to help improve overall skin tone and texture 

– Visibly brightens the complexion giving skin a radiant glow 

– Deeply hydrates the skin leaving it supple and smooth 

– Enhances absorption of skincare products 

Caution: Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not use on Rosacea, active Acne, Open Sores, irritated skin or other dermatological skin conditions. Do not use following chemical peeling or retinol. Paraben Free.

Results: The beneficial results can be seen immediately as the dead skin cells are removed to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin and radiant, glowing skin is revealed.  After using this product for 2 weeks my skin feels so much fresher and really is brighter, which means that the Derma TX really did what it said it would!

#tamagrecommends Derma Tx  £70.00

Words to the wise: Not suitable for sensitive skin types. Do not use if you have an allergy to aspirin, are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not use on Rosacea, active Acne, Open Sores, irritated skin or other dermatology skin conditions. Do not use following chemical peeling or using products with retinol. Some breakouts may occur initially due to purging of the follicles.