Digital v Microbladed Brows

Digital v Microbladed Brows - Digital Brows

Here at TA Mag Towers those who have ‘brows to die for’ all seem to have opted for digitally tattooed brows and if truth be told, we were a bit scared by the ‘blades’ bit in microblading.  That tells us that we are not the only ones who wonder what the difference is between digital and microbladed brows!

Microblading appears to be cheaper and more prevalent in social media but is cheapest ever best? So Digital v Microbladed Brows ? 

We posed this question to The Brow Queen herself, Tracie Giles and asked her:  What is microblading and how does it differ from other semi permanent make-up techniques such as the 3D or digital techniques?

Tracie tells us – There really is very little difference between the two applications in the effect of how it appears in the skin, they can be almost identical. However, there is a real difference in the training, skill and application, a micro blade is akin to working with a pencil but on the tip it has a series of pins all in alignment – forming into a blade.  A digital or 3D brow uses a digital device which is slightly more high tech, more expensive and uses an acupuncture type needle.

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Microbalding v Digital

With microblading the artist drags a small blade through the skin, making cuts replicating the shape and direction that natural hairs might grow. Then she rubs semi permanent pigment into those cuts that have been made in the skin. As the skin heals, the hair strokes remain and therefore you end up with a 3D hair stroke brow ‘effect’ – and that’s using a microblading but it does not suit everyone.

The exact same principle can be applied using a digital device which is slightly more high tech, whilst using an acupuncture needle. But there are no cuts made in the skin and the digital technique is exactly the same as when you might see a normal tattoo but slightly more superficial.

Digital v Microbladed Brows
Microblading directly before treatment

The device and digital technique is also suitable for 99% of the skins that walk into any clinic anywhere in the world.  Whereas Microblading has now been found and broadly recognized to be more suitable for Russian or really northern skin types ( towards the Arctic Circle).

Sadly for other skin types it’s usually a hit and miss with a lot of mistakes, pigment spread reported in the press and on social media.  However, done well as here in this example. microbladed brows can and do look beautiful.

Digital v Microbladed Brows
Microblading directly after treatment

Recent Trends

Some of the recent trends surrounding semi permanent brows that we have seen lately are also the Ombre brows.

Ombre Brows are like a scattering of color through the area of the brow much like the blended effect of colour in the ombre hairdressing technique. The main reason why Ombre Brows became popular was because customers would become increasingly dissatisfied with the often sparse look achieved by micro-blading or by a single hair stroke and colour from a digital brow.  Often these methods wouldn’t give you a 3 dimensional effect; hence the birth of Ombre brows that do!

Ombre Brows really are like a  pixilation of color rather like a soft powder which is scattered through the eyebrow – this can be applied in a scattering of color, like little dots through the eyebrow. And also, interestingly, you can actually graduate the color.

Some clients might actually go for single hair strokes in various colours either using the micro-blade or  the digital device to create Ombre Brows too.

Brow Queen Tracie Giles digital v microbladed brows
Brow Queen Tracie Giles

Many technicians; including those at the Tracie Giles clinic in Knightsbridge, are fully conversant with all methods; and there are many. Quite a lot of information that you read about semi-permanent make-up in magazines mentions new techniques or new developments  but these are just old ideas rehashed.

I have have been working with brows for so long and gained so much experience that I’ve seen these trends come and go, then come back again, renamed to sound trendy and cool but they are the same and this can be very confusing for consumers.

Can anyone have tattooed brow?


We can make eyebrows for almost anybody using either a micro-blade or digital device.  We can make them sparse, shaded, can make them with multiple colour shaded hairs or a combination of both.

The great thing at the moment is pigment quality – our INDELIBEliner pigments are seen as the next generation of pigments right now. They are super safe, organic (sometimes non-organic) and are chemical-free – a very safe way of applying semi-permanent make-up so do ask for them.

What else can you offer?

The thing we are asked for more and more is to make client’s lips more beautiful (see below).  Microblading cannot be used on the lips at all and neither can it be used to create eyeliner. So going to a recommended technician with a great device is going to be very much to your advantage and safety.

Your lips can be beautified as well and can be made to look a beautiful shade; a pixilation, or an Ombre of color going through the lips is the natural of shades. We also lover the defining of the eye with perfect semi permanent eyeliner so the eyes can look less bare.

Both of these methods can be applied using the digital technique with incredible results. Many of our clients who come in with the view to a brow treatment; leave with their lips and eyes done too which is a great lifestyle choice and time saver for them too.

To find out more or to book in for your new brows, eyeliner or pout take a look at our website and give us a call.  Treatment start at £495 for an Elite Technician.

Digital v Microbladed Brows
Digital Brows directly after treatment