Editor’s Choice End of Summer Edit

Oh my goodness is it really Autumn already? Thank goodness for Illuminating Tanning Drops from Vitage to keep my tan topped up, Tracie Giles for making my brows ‘wake up ready’, to kokolokahi for their moreish nourishing and moisturising massage oils and to the thoughts of many Spa Breaks and treatments at Champneys Resorts and Spas,  See my Editor’s Choice for the end of Summer

Spa Breaks with 50% off


Bashing oneselves with twigs is still a ‘thing’ in some parts of the world but Champneys have taken away all the pain and replaced it with pure luxury, decadence and deliciousness in their spa stays.  Whats more there is a fabulous limited offer with 50% off – you get dinner, bed and breakfast and use of the beautiful spa facilities wow! . Available at Forest Mere and Henlow book yours today www.champneys.co.uk

Keeping the sunshine in our skin

Editor's Choice End of Summer Edit


#LOVE Vitage® Illuminating Tanning Drops allows you to create a sunkissed, flawless, radiant and natural-looking glow popped into your every-day face and body moisturisers. Tan takes 2-4 hours to develop and I found it perfect for the hard to get if fake tanned right areas like the backs of your hands and feets when combines with my normal spray tan.

Once a week is enough unless you want to look like a resident carribean cruiser!  This little pot of sunshine will last you ages too. £39 from www.vitage.co.uk

No Needle Lip Plumper

Despite my job I am a bit squeamish when it comes to needles and I have a healthy regard for myself which means I am not one to jump in and get plumped and filled.  I like to try non invasive ways of keeping me looking good and ageing well.

When I was young the answer to having bigger lips was to ‘buy a lip liner’ the youth of today and filling up on HA fillers at £250 a pop before they even reach 20 years old (I didn’t have that cash to splash either at their age).

I have been delighted with the results I have had from the award winning and celebrity favourite lip plumping treatment Luscious Lips.  Applied daily it really does make a difference to the plumpness of my lips and makes the fine lines around them completely disappear.  At just £45 too they last me 6 weeks and look fabulous get yours www.lusciouslips.online

My Brow Affair

Brow Queen Tracie Giles Editor's Choice End of Summer Edit

I am not one to shy away from tattoos or in the old days the odd piercing but having a tattoo on my  face was always something that until now I had a healthy intrigue for.  what is it goes wrong or I just hate it!

I did my homework, I researched the best semi permanent makeup studios and then the best technicians and then I researched again.  I ended up where I had looked in the first place at Brow Queen Tracie Giles’s flagship London clinic with my brow artist of, choice Jody.

I love my new wake up ready brows and I have my 6 week top-up next week and can share my review with you but even from day 1 people are asking me where I got my brows done!  Book your consultation today at Tracie Giles Bespoke Permanent Makeup, call  020 7584 1005 – tell them we sent you x  www.traciegiles.co.uk

Editor's Choice End of Summer Edit


Massage Heaven

Lava shell massages have just got a little more heavenly with kokolokahi brand has been developed by Clare Anderson, Founder and Managing Director of SHARED BEAUTY SECRETS, to enhance the hugely popular LAVA SHELLS and Molten Lava Stones massage, and to enable therapists to further personalise their treatments to the needs of their clients.  An undeniably luxurious treat.

End of Summer Edit

The name kokolokahi originates from the Hawaiian word ‘Lokahi’ meaning to unite nature and to provide balance, harmony and a renewed way of life and ‘Koko’ referring to coconut which is the base of every oil.

The indulgent, exotic and enchanting kokolokahi bath and body oils have been developed using the finest ingredients for optimum results and sense of wellbeing. If you are in Kent why not try it yourself at our local and celebrity favourite spa, Aquavie Boutique Spa Call 01732 353233. www.aquavie.co.uk

Have a fabulous month.

Lisajane x