Like a Vegan Tasting Tofu for the very first Time

Like a Vegan

Like a Vegan Tasting Tofu for the very first Time by Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Everyone seems to be going Vegan and that is a good thing in my book.  I am a strong advocate of eating well and cruelty free and have been a vegetarian for all of my life.

You save 7000 animal lives in one lifetime by being vegan. Can you get everything you need?

In a decade, the number of vegans in Britain has increased from 150,000 to more than 540,000according to the Vegan Society, fuelled by younger people, aged 16-34, who account for nearly half that number.

Society is waking up it seems!

However, most of our lives move too fast to make certain we have fresh, whole foods always available to us—we don’t all have organic salads at our disposal. That is unless we are organic salad makers by trade! Most of us are overworked and undernourished and seem to possess friends who like steak and bbqs and we love the odd drive through Maccy D’s -sound familiar?

When I was at my most stressed, my skin was like a pizza (topped with peanut M&M’s. Please don’t ask). You really are what you eat.

I would knock back red bulls and feast on cheese fries and chocolate (Not the dark stuff but the refined sugar and processed rubbish) resulting in a low energy and mood.

As a vegetarian since birth, I began the long and winding road to my journey as a fully-fledged vegan.

As it transpires Olivia is not too Wilde about dairy, meat or fish, Bill Clinton took a presidential boycott on animal products,   Tobey Maguire cultivates spider powers with vegetables, Beyonce just wants lemonade (and cayenne pepper and maple syrup) Pamela Anderson doesn’t watch the bay (for fish) and Woody Harrelson lives the real life “hunger games ” on his plant based diet.

1000s Activists will descend on the Houses of Parliament next month to “fight animal oppression” and send out the message that “the life of an animal is worth far more than our taste buds.”

Could all these people have a point?


Like a VeganCurrently I am using Lumity life for increased vitality and energy. The formula is simple to use with 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening.

(Typically vegans can be lacking in vitamin B  which can be found in whole grains, soymilk, nuts and seeds, yeast and legumes.  Aim for a daily intake of at least 3mcg )



Where do you get your protein from if you are vegan?!

From oats, legumes, yeast extract, whole grains.. natural soy, lentils, beans, quinoa, and seitan and fortified protein powders.

Like a VeganSpirulina  is considered a complete source of high-quality protein and is often compared to eggs for the amount of protein per gram. The protein in Spirulina is highly usable and has a net protein utilization rate of between 50-61%. It has a whopping 26% the amount of calcium as in cows milk. ( I recommend a splash of almond breeze in your morning java)

I love this smoothie recipe from Pukka Herbs LINK and their supplements are great

Chocolate fix

Like a VeganI get mine from Prana Protein who do a fabulous range of vegan whole foods.  I make a cracking morning smoothie.

I also have a slab of Bournville Chocolate sometimes – No really.


Miiro ice cream is the vegans version of magnum. This delicious ice cream is free from refined sugar, gluten free and totally vegan.


And it’s caramel and peanut butter flavoured !  Available at Wholefoods and Ocado and

Like a VeganAlternatively you can make your own “nice” cream, blending frozen banana with whipped coconut cream and nut milk. Add frozen berries for the ultimate antioxidant and vitamin C hit.

Make up

The incredibly cheap and cheerful saturated colour boast a wide range of exciting, highly pigmented shades .

Like a Vegan

Bag yourself a lipblend kit for 10.50 . Line and shine baby!
Like a VeganBecause your skin will be glowing, healthy and brimming with antioxidants, all you need essentially is a swipe of mineral foundation. Just £10

Like a Vegan

Create healthy, gorgeous, shiny hair, reducing frizz, creating volume, making blow drying easier than you ever imagined. From £14.95

The ULTIMATE vegan bag

From Gymtote I use mine for pretending I go to the gym! £100

Like a Vegan

Where to Eat

Pop into Earthcake for completely vegan afternoon tea.  71 North Street Bristol

The Black Cat Cafe, 76 Clarence Road, Hackney, E5 8HB is the best vegan cafe in London, amazing food, lovely staff, and often lots of vegan treats to buy. Great news if you’re a fan of vegan comfort food (AKA guac burgers give you life):

Like a Vegan

By Chloe is headed across the pond!

Chloe Kay Coscarelli is a vegan chef and author. She became the first vegan to win a culinary competition on television and was named to the 2017 Class of 30 Under 30 by Forbes.

Note well…being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive. Do you see all those unfamilar fruit and vegetable aisles in your local supermarkets?

USE them. See this as a challenge to enrich and expand  your repetoire of ” chips” , “toast” and “jar of peanut butter and wine”


Like a VeganMuLondon brings joy and balance with its award-winning skincare range from London, inspired by traditional herbalism.

Cruelty free,

MuLondon products are made from pure, natural and, where possible, certified organic ingredients. They contain no unnecessary artificial additives. Instead, pure essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently and naturally preserve. They also stay away from artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances.

The white chocolate truffle Moisturiser is to die for. £21


Like a VeganProtect you skin with Heliocare Factor 50 cruelty free skincare. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you head out. The skin is our most vital organ , it shows signs of stress rapidly as it heaves with the stress of our routine and self neglect.

Heliocare® Advanced provides this protection and prevention and also acts as a moisturiser, while Heliocare’s Colour range adds to the UVA, UVB and anti-oxidant skin-protection by enhancing your skin’s colour, tone and moisture. So it protects your skin as well as acting as a foundation and concealer for easy, everyday use.

Release Superfood Blend is Everything you need for total body health and vitality!Like a Vegan

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? The good news is that it is easier than you think, thanks to Release Superfood Blend.

Superfood Blend contains a mixture of 10 freeze dried, raw fruits and vegetables in one handy capsule. This allows you to get all the nutrients you need to feel your best from the inside out. Once your body starts getting all the vitamins and minerals that it truly needs, you will notice your energy, mentality, complexion and your overall health will improve. It’s as easy as that!

Go forth! And save the planet. One chickpea at a time.