Facial augmentation with Dermal Revalution

Facial augmentation has quickly become one of the most requested aesthetic treatments and with the introduction of temporary Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers, has given more confidence to the consumer, with an attractive price tag.  We asked award winning Dr Louise Fitzpatrick of Aesthetica Medisapa to tell us more about this popular treatment

My consultations often begin with “my lower face has developed jowls… they are getting worse, no matter what products I use..” with the patient then proceeding to demonstrate, by lifting their jowl area with their fingers, pulling the skin back to its original position. From around the age of forty we are seeing a loss of volume in the cheeks and tear trough regions which can result in a prematurely aged appearance, with a specific focus on the jowl area.

I found that cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid (HA) gel not only addressed these multiple concerns, but gave an instant result; something that few other treatments can offer. With this in mind and realising my own face and age ticked all the above, I decided to use my own before and afters  to spread the word about this revolutionary treatment.

facial augmentation with dermal revolutionFor a contoured, yet natural augmentation, I have used Dr Michael Aicken at Visage Academy’s ‘Bolus’ technique. A standard 1ml of Dermal Revolution (DEEP) HA dermal filler, was used in each cheek, injecting at an angle of 90 degrees, directly onto the periosteum, to ensure a solid attachment.

Three injections of quantities 0.4ml, 0.3ml and 0.3ml a centimetre apart moving backwards from the most prominent point on the zygomatic arch, achieves a sculpted definition with minimal moulding required. Aspirating the syringe before any filler is administered is part of our standard safety protocol.

Results are (pardon the pun) jaw dropping… A complete facial rejuvenation can be achieved with a cheek augmentation procedure, by an experienced practitioner and a good quality product. Exceptional value for money for a virtual facelift, without surgery.

Prices from just £299

Facial augmentation with Dr Louise FitzpatrickLouise Fitzpatrick, Aesthetica Medispa – Birmingham

Dr Louise is highly regarded within the Aesthetics industry for introducing innovative treatment combinations and solutions for the most complex of presentations.

​Qualifications include a Doctorate, Nursing Diploma, Phlebotomist and a Nutritionist.

​Certifications include Physiology and Anatomy, Foundation and Advanced Botulinum and Dermal Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), IV Vitamin Nutrition Drips and Booster Shots, Fractional Micro & Manual Needling, Laser and IPL Core of Knowledge, CryoPen, Advanced Peels, Fat Freezing, Laser Lipolysis, PDT Therapy, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, HIFU, Laser Hair Rejuvenation, Painless Laser Hair Removal and Professional & Cosmecutical skin specialist training.

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