Father’s Day is the ideal time to help dad to help himself

Father’s Day is the ideal time to help your dad to help himself with a fantastic anti ageing treatment.  We came up with a couple of alternatives for the discerning youthful looking Dad

Botox for men – or Brotox – achieves mixed results at best. Whereas with women, if results are less than ideal, options like differing hairstyles , a new fringe and make up can distract; but with men, what you get is what you see.

Father's Day Here are two far better alternatives for the grooming conscious man in your life.

Celebrity facialist Linda Meredith has treated some of the most famous Dad’s around including Jude Law, Trevor Eve and Mr Darcy himself, Colin Firth.  Men are opting for her Botox alternative called V-TOX that uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. Our product was designed for those clients who did not want to have a toxin injected into the skin as well as for women who are pregnant and should refrain throughout their pregnancy. It is a more effective treatment for those with deeper frown lines no matter what age.

An Oxygen treatment is carried out at Linda Meredith and then the V-TOX is added to specific areas that need to be treated or a fine layer can be applied generally over the entire face and neck. The product is then infused into the skin by the steady flow of oxygen. The best results are achieved with a course of six treatments close together so that the effects remain over a period of months. The V-TOX can also be purchased to use morning and night under moisturiser to maintain the effects.**((details on the Linda Meredith famous Oxygen facial

Oxygen is nature’s most powerful healing element and by infusing it into the skin healthy cell regeneration will increase and fines lines and wrinkles visibly reduce. For oxygen to work efficiently it requires a carrier that will hold it deep in the layers of the skin and slowly release it healing properties. There are many oxygen treatments available but what makes the LM oxygen treatments unique is the combination of medical grade oxygen and the vitamin- enriched serum.

The air around us contains 75% Nitrogen and 20.8% Oxygen and through a special filter within the machine the Nitrogen is converted into Oxygen allowing 96% oxygen to be delivering at five litres per minute into the skin producing amazing results. The best results are obtained with a course of six treatments close together and then the effects will remain over a period of months.

Top up treatments can then be carried out when required. The Oxygen serum is a professional product and therefore not for retail. However the retail version of the oxygen serum is LM2 and can be used as a moisturiser in your home care regime)))

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Father's Day treatments for menAdditionally – Edward James is delighted to introduce  CACI  (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) facial at his eponymous salon in Putney. This treatment – beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez  and Christie Brinkley has been hailed by experts as the perfect alternative to freeze inducting injections.  It’s an electronic facelift that is ideal for today’s discerning man – offering subtle but substantial results with a no-risk factor of looking like you’re doing a puzzled Jack Nicholson impression in the office in the morning.

A system that uses a series of electrical pulses to stimulate the 32 muscles in your face – it’s a gym workout for your visage. It’s a pain-free non surgical face lift treatment that tones the muscles, smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and prevents sagging skin. Muscle is visibly lifted, firmed and toned and collagen and elastin production encouraged. A multi-tasker, the treatment equally enhances the skin’s ability to neutralise bacteria and helps to protect skin from daily damage.

Results are visible after the first treatment but a course of 6-12 treatments is generally recommended  to achieve optimum results.

During the treatment, a therapist will run cotton-covered prongs over your skin to manipulate and train the muscles. Each set of movement will target the muscles that tend to lose tone with age and is compliment by other therapies. At Edward James, a 90-minute facial includes a relatively gentle microdermabrasion, light therapy, needle-like wrinkle comb therapy and a silicon facemask.

After a course of CACI facial toning treatments facial contours will look visibly lifted and tighter  and an active hydrogel infuses the skin with moisture during the treatment.  A monthly top up treatment is recommended to maintain results.

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