Fuel your fitness with CLIF Bar

Fuel your fitness with CLIF Bar

by Zoe Hughes CLIF bar & company was founded in 1992 by U.S athlete and entrepreneur Gary Erickson. Gary took part in a 175 mile bike ride and found the energy bars he was using hard to stomach (which throughout my triathlon racing I too have found difficult) so Gary decided to look at a new kind of energy bar to use and set to work in his parent’s kitchen.

Fast forward twenty years and CLIF bar & company remains the U.S leader in not only great tasting sports nutrition to fuel you throughout your race but also great for healthy snacking packed full of protein.

Fuel your fitness with CLIF BarCLIF Bar puts good food in to get good performance out, combining wholesome ingredients including rolled oats, organic dates, protein along with fibre and 11 vitamins including B6 & B12 which aid to release energy for the body to use.

When to use

  • Before exercise
  • During low intensity exercise
  • After exercise

Available flavours

Crunchy peanut butter (my favourite), chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin walnut, white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate almond fudge, blueberry crisp and coconut chocolate chip.

So weather you’re cycling to work, exploring new exercise or pushing your body to the limit in a race to the finish, CLIF bar is built to sustain your adventure.

CLIF bars are available from boots, Holland and barrett and some independent health food shops priced £1.60.


Clif Bar Fuel your fitness with CLIF Bar

CLIF Builders protein bar helps you get the most from your workout, fitness fans know the importance of the benefits of protein, however sometimes it can be difficult to find a convenient way before or after a workout.

CLIF builders come in three flavours chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint each containing 20g of soy protein to help aid growth and maintenance of muscle mass plus vitamin B6 to help contribute to normal protein and glycogen metabolism. What’s more unlike other protein bars they contain NO hydrogenated oils or sugar alcohols.

Suitable for vegans too all the ingredients of organic oat fibre, nuts, cocoa, peanut butter and soy protein, meaning the bars are formulated to optimise balanced nutrition with a ratio of 40/30/30 of carbohydrates, proteins, fat.

When to use

  • Before and after exercise

Recommended daily protein amounts

  • Sedentary adult 0.4 grams of protein/lb
  • Adult recreational exerciser 0.5-0.75 grams/lb
  • Adult competitive athlete 0.6-0.9 grams/lb
  • Adult building muscle mass 0.7-1.0 grams/lb
  • Growing teenage athlete 0.9-1.0 grams/lb

Available in Ocado and some independent health food shops priced at £2.35

Full list of nutritional information please visit http://www.clifbar.co.uk/products/clif-builders

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Fuel your fitness with CLIF Bar Builders Bar