Hey Preachers! Leave those Botox Lovers Alone

We were delighted to work with The Metro on their fabulous piece about Botox (other brands to help you stay looking younger are available) and how people seem to be judged for having it by those who don’t.  In the article they spoke to our Well Ageing Maven Editor, Lisajane and some of our readers who get their faces party perfect with the fabulous dentist and aesthetic practitioner Yiannis Valilas.

We asked Yiannis Valilas, Dentist and Aesthetic Practitioner from Nu Face London what his thoughts are on the current ‘Botox Culture’

Yiannis developed a special interest and passion for facial aesthetics after 13 years experience in aesthetics and restorative dentistry. Over the last 8 years he has built up a loyal clientele based on bespoke treatment plans, great results and impeccable personal service.

Hey Preachers! Leave those Botox Lovers Alone Nu Face London Yiannis ValilasHas public opinion of Botox shifted over time? If so why do you believe that is?

I believe it has been shifted significantly, the public nowadays are more open to having Botox and other facial treatments and this basically due to 2 basic factors:

  1. The public are far more educated about Botox, what it does and whether it is harmful or not.
  2. Modern life/society exercises so much pressure through various channels (social media) in terms of appearance and how we should look in order to be accepted and successful. People feel the need to stay looking younger and fresher.

Why do you believe that some people judge others for getting Botox?

Being judgmental or even jealous is a process of thought which has its origins in various factors related to each individual such as: education, financial and social status, psychological and personal reasons, background, jealousy, judgement, fear, family etc

Why do you think Botox has become more mainstream?

Due to the fact that Botox ticks most of the boxes: it is medical procedure, which in safe hands can be safe, cost effective, not time consuming, with down to nil downtime and risks. People see changes in their appearance in very short period of time which makes them feel fresh, younger and more confident. It has also become much more readily available and talked about.

Have celebrities hurt or helped Botox in their use/ abuse of it?

Want v Need – There is no need to have anti-wrinkle treatments in your teens and early 20’s so we should probably try to stop saying that there is.  None of the young reality stars really need any of the treatments that they are reported as having in the media so at times it does hurt the perceptions of botox and who should have it.

You could say it’s used more properly in Celebrity rather than Reality  – Meryl Streep v the cast of TOWIE or Jane Fonda v those from Geordieshore – there is no comparison in these examples.

Is Botox ‘better’ now, and if so why? (e.g. skill of the practitioner, quality of the product..)

In my 10 year specialising in aesthetics essentially the basic Botox product has not changed at all although the number of practitioners undertaking, often 1 day, training courses is much higher and one would hope that understanding of it is stronger.

Definitely science is evolving fast and aims better more advanced versions of existent products. Also multiyear experience and research has contributed to more evidence in terms of better and safer clinical performance.

What are the benefits of Botox (mentally as well as physically)

People look younger, fresher, no matter how stressful the pace of their life is. This physical change affects people on a psychological level by boosting their self esteem.  You could say that Botox contributes significantly to some peoples happiness.

Do you use Botox yourself? If so how often, why do you like it, and do you care about what other people think?

I do treat myself with Botox for a natural fresh look (look with some mild expressions). I treat myself 3-4 times per year. I never hesitated to disclose this information in my family, social and professional life.

Personally I do not care what other people think as long as I feel happy by performing an evidenced based safe medical procedure.

What is the gender divide like? Do as many men as women get it?

It used to be more a females treatment but figures are changing dramatically in recent years to the point that equally men and women are choosing to having Botox.

How often do people tend to get treated per year and what are the general costs?

An average of 3-4 times per year and costs start typically at £250-500 per session depending on treatment areas and practitioner.

Are any alternatives to Botox on the rise?

I truly believe that Botox still rules the game in its category.  There is no other medical treatment that can give the effects/results of Botox.  There are certainly no topical creams or serums that can either.  It is great to look after your skin with professional skincare to slow down ageing but skincare alone cannot turn back the clock like Botox.

Have a read of the article in The Metro and to book in to see Yiannis yourself simple call +44 (0) 7903226621 or email him directly on yiannis@nufacelondon.com

Toxin Quiz for the interested

Much like Vodka a few different variations of the toxin exist Glens, Smirnoff, Grey Goose to name a few and not all are equal or the same so do check what you are getting. Botulinum Toxin type A’s are available under a wide variety of brand names, namely:

  • Botox Cosmetic
  • Vistabel
  • Vistabex
  • Botox Vista
  • Dysport
  • Azzalure
  • Xeomin
  • Xeomeen
  • Bocouture