How big a problem are botched brows

How big a problem are botched brows – An insider’s guide, from potential pitfalls to perfection when it come to semi permanent brow tattoos

Sophie Doros, semi-permanent make-up technician and founder of The White Clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire tells us more

As semi-permanent make-up (SPMU) becomes increasingly popular and accessible, the market has become saturated with technicians wanting a piece of the potentially very lucrative pie.  A professional technician also recognises the responsibility associated with such treatments. This is why it’s important not to be lured by ‘bargain brows’ and instead do your research to ensure you don’t lose face, quite literally, in the long run!

How big a problem are botched brows? At least two new clients every week visit me desperate to have botched SPMU brows fixed, having had them done elsewhere. I offer tattoo removal very cheaply with their new brows so that I can help people gain their confidence back. I’m always shocked with the lack of care some clinics have towards their clients, it seems that many just take the money and run without considering the after effects. Being a perfectionist and caring about people should come as part of the role because making someone feel great about themselves is the best bit of my job, and one brow-corrective-work-1-the-mint-clinic Botched Browsthat money can’t buy!

Why are some clinics more expensive than others? You really do get what you pay for, as a responsible technician will have invested in serious training. I personally trained with Finishing Touches Group as they are one of the top three companies in the country and their machines are the only ones recognised by the NHS for medical procedures. I paid over £7,100 for my course, followed by extension courses and product purchases, so my personal investment amounted to over £10,000 before I even got my first client! I’ve seen different courses for under £3,000 and afterwards the technician’s work is below substandard with prices of around £99. This makes sense as their initial outlay was three times less than mine, so their prices reflect this too.  So please be aware that bargain prices reflect the level of training behind the brows and don’t be tempted to risk it!


What could go wrong? With inadequate training comes substandard work, which could result in you needing to get your brows fixed by a professional and paying out all over again. That’s the best case scenario, as aside from the aesthetically poor results I have heard horror stories from clients of poorly trained technicians cutting costs in various ways, including sharing needles and wound care packs between more than one client! This is not only unhygienic but extremely dangerous and as much as we love beauty treatments, no cosmetic improvement is worth risking your health.

brow-corrective-work-2-the-mint-clinic Botched BrowsSo how much should you be paying? A realistic, reasonable cost for SPMU brows outside London is around £300, including your top up session. But it can vary depending on where in the country you go to have them done. If you visit a well-known technician in London you could well pay up to £1,000.

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sophie-doros- Botched BrowsSophie Doros, semi-permanent make-up technician and co-founder of The Mint Clinic.