Is there life after the Brazilian Blowdry


Is there life after the disappearance of a Brazilian Blowdry?

With the safe but sad loss for us frizzy haired people of the formaldehyde rich embalmingness of the now banned Brazilian Blowdry what are us girls supposed to do?

London Fashion Week (LFW) is only a few days away and Britain’s top editors are flocking to have a  FROW BLOW – a blow dry that will take them  beautifully through the hectic fashion season. Air miles, relentless rain and summer’s left over humidity can wreak havoc on hairstyles and for those sitting front and centre during the most important weeks in the fashion calendar can’t afford to look anything other than picture perfect. This, celebrity stylist Edward James has created the FROW BLOW.


Exclusively available at Edward James salons in Clapham Junction and Putney, Edward’s cleverly formulated ammonia free glossing oil is applied to hair to add shine and moisture followed by a smoothing keratin protein which is applied to frizzy parts of the hair with a brush. Designed to strengthen and smooth, making hair feel moisturised and manageable this is the perfect treatment for most hair-types that react to humidity and ideal for right now.

Cost – £100
Time – 60 minutes
Longevity – 6 weeks
The good bits – no formaldehyde and promises to specifically preserve volume

Book now:  0207 78909639 | website:  | twitter: @ejlondonaveda | instagram: edwardJameslondonavedasalons