It’s officially that time of the year.  Summer holidays are here and Project Bikini is well underway. But there’s just one problem…your skin doesn’t fit you anymore.

Blame it on depleted collagen levels and natural ageing but around your early 30’s and 40’s you’ll notice changes in the texture of your skin. What was once firm and tight may now look thin and crepey causing sagging and drooping. And although everyone’s skin will age differently due to genetics and bone structure, a poor diet, smoking, not protecting skin from the sun and a lack of exercise will also take their toll on the tone and elasticity of your skin.

Up to now tightening the skin,sans scalpel,  has always been tricky.All the sit-ups in the world can’t help saggy skin   on the stomach and forgoing lattes and almond croissants won’t help tighten your thighs.  What will help, however, is a revolutionary new treatment called Thermi, the latest non-surgical radio frequency skin-tightening device  – safe for all skin types- with little or no downtime.ThermiSmoothRL before and after1

Perfect for anyone who has lax skin on their neck, arms, stomach or thighs, the single session procedure takes less than an hour and delivers controlled energy under the skin, instead of topically, to firm and tighten skin.

Using local anaesthetic, a small probe is inserted under the skin which heats up the tissue to stimulate collagen production. Tighter skin will be noticed during the first few weeks and improvements continue throughout the following months

Thermi really is a revolution in skin tightening – the precise heat technology is FDA-approved and highly effective,” says Dr. Amanda Wong-Powell, Cosmetic doctor and surgeon. “The beauty is in the flexibility – whether my patients need body rejuvenation to address sagging arms or tummy skin, or if they just want to tighten up the jawline for a more lifted appearance -by using Thermi I can help them achieve fantastic, long-lasting results that will really boost their self-esteem and confidence, and for me that’s what it’s all about!”

 ThermiTight_BK before and after_2AGELESS PERFECTION WITH THERMIVA

All women experience some degree of laxity in the skin or tissues andas we get older, the onset of the menopause, along with the loss of oestrogen can alsoleave its mark on the vagina .In some case, the loss of tone can also lead to discomfort during sex as well as making women self-conscious about their bodies. ThermiVa is the latest  breakthrough treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and the perfect solution to help women regain and restore their confidence! The non-surgical procedure uses controlled radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to the desired areas – external (labia/vulva) and/or internal (vaginal)- via a specially designed disposable wand applicator, restoring the appearance of the labia and tightness to the vaginal canal.

ThermiVa really is a revolution: it is quick, painless and highly effective – meaning women can feel a difference from their very first treatment” says Mr Mohammad Masood, Consultant Gynaecologist. “Whether women are suffering from accidental bladder leaks or reduced sexual sensation, they no longer have to ‘put up’ with feeling unhappy with their intimate areas – this technology gives them a fast, effective and long-lasting solution. There’s no downtime so you can just get straight back to enjoying your life!”

ThermiLaunch_LR_Digital_Use-104Both revolutionary procedures ,Thermi and ThermiVa, are available at LINIA Clinic.  “At LINIA, we’re very proud to be at the forefront of launching Thermi in the UK.” Says Dr Simon Zokaie, Medical Director of the LINIA Skin Clinic, Harley Street. “We will be the UK’s Centre of Excellence for this new technology, responsible for delivering the highest quality training for doctors wishing to use Thermi in their clinics ‘

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