Hair Loss 4Meet Jodie Austen, a young woman who suffered with hair thinning and hair loss after recovering from glandular fever and a very stressful month of her life. She tells her story here for us:

It was quite devastating to wake up each morning and see my pillow covered in hair, and every time I ran my fingers through my hair clumps were coming out. Eventually my hairline and the sides of my hair were so thin that my scalp was very visible. This was back in 2009. I went to the doctors but they didn’t have any real expert knowledge regarding female hair loss and they just shrugged it off as normal.  As a hairstylist I knew it wasn’t normal and having been dealt with in this uncaring way it became a personal mission of mine to make sure that anyone who sat in my hairdressing chair with a hair thinning or hair loss issue was treated with the greatest support, care.

A few years passed and my hair grew back a little but was not the same full healthy head it once was, I was relieved just to have a decent head of hair back.  My mission to be able to help advise any client that came to me in distress continued and so I kept researching any hair products that promoted healthy hair growth and read up on any new products brought onto the market.  Nothing really met up to my needs and expectations that is until I heard about Viviscal Professional.

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Seeing respected industry professionals like Errol Douglas MBE post about Viviscal Professional on their social media.  I was intrigued to know more.  Being my sceptic self, I scrutinized the website, learning what it was, how it worked and the story behind the product.  I was impressed, especially by the way it claimed to feed and supported the hair growth cycle – something none of the other products did and something I was sure was the key to getting healthy hair.  Now all that was let was to try it!

Hairline 2“I take Viviscal have you heard of it?  It’s a hair supplement.  It works”  Paloma Faith

Excited to begin, I received my three month supply and took two supplements a day.  I couldn’t wait to see if they worked and I kept a photo and video diary.  After all, if it worked then brilliant!  If not, then my diary would show that it wasn’t worth buying.

A month and a half into the Viviscal Professional Programme, I wrapped my hair into a towel turban after washing it and sat in front of the mirror to do my makeup.  I was shocked to see lots of small baby hairs all around my hairline!  I’d never had baby hair like it and knew it was new hair – Viviscal hair!  Thrilled and delighted, I jumped around the house showing everyone.

Delighted with the results, I kept taking the tablets and the new hair got longer, my hairline got softer and today my hair is the longest, healthiest and fullest it has been since my illness back in 2009.

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About Jodie

Jodie Austen is a Sassoon trained session stylist, and has assisted leading stylists  Guido Palau, Luigi Mureno, Syd Hayes, Tyler Johnston regularly.

Throughout her young years Jodie has also worked on Ralph Lauren events, and Laura Ashley campaigns; advertorials and editorials for You Magazine, Boots, Rimmel, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar; and works at London & Paris Fashion Week each season. Jodie has also worked with photographers Rankin, Bryan Addams, Simon Emmett, Oliver Hardlee Pearch,

She is renowned for her technical abilities and luxury colour work. Jodie prides herself on transforming hair to be its healthiest and most beautiful. She plays with movement and fluidity for luxury shapes and silhouettes; and thoroughly enjoys taking on more creative briefs with a fiery passion to push the boundaries of hairstyling and create innovative and emerging designs.

Follow her at @peachystylist and on Instagram: PEACHYSTYLIST

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