LOVE IS IN THE HAIR – Hair Transplants

Online daters swipe right for locks it seems.  The Tinder Project revealed the brutal truth that some women do prefer thicker hair when swiping. So do balding bachelors have a tougher time bagging dates?

 Single men with a full head of hair,it seems,are more likely to find love online than those who are thin on top, according to research for man in his foray into online dating.

Women aged between 25 and 30 are more attracted to men who boast a healthy-looking mop of hair, as opposed to their follically challenged counterparts. With the help of a handsome hair transplant patient volunteer, The Farjo Hair Institute worked with their patient to create two profiles on dating app Tinder – the first before he underwent surgery and the second showcasing the results of his procedure.

Richard King - Before (1)The experiment ran for a total of 10 days and involved a total of 1,000 women, with findings showing that more women opted for the post-surgery singleton than for the pre-surgery alternative,suggesting that balding bachelors do indeed have a tougher time bagging dates.

Men are becoming more and more conscientious when it comes to grooming and looking attractive.  Statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) reveal that the number of men undergoing surgical procedures has doubled in a decade.  These procedures include ‘moob’ (man boob) surgery and hair transplants.

Following his procedure, hair transplant patient Richard King noticed an increase in interest from the opposite sex. Duplicate Tinder profiles were set up to give an insight into whether the 31-year-old’s newly acquired locks held the key to finding love. Results showed that his post-surgery self caught the eye of over 203 eligible single ladies, with a total of 319 ‘matches’ being recorded across both profiles.

Richard King - After (3)A Tinder ‘match’ happens when a pair of app users anonymously ‘like’ each other, after which they can begin chatting.

Richard, from Leeds, said, “I’d always thought hair transplants were for older men or rich footballers, but it got to the point where my thinning hair was really affecting my self-esteem and overall confidence, so surgery became a viable option.

“It doesn’t surprise me that women are more likely to go for a guy with a fuller head of hair – it’s just another box to tick in a similar way to how men may choose blondes over brunettes, for example!”

Now, Dr Bessam Farjo, who carried out Richard’s surgery at his Manchester based clinic, is keen to help remove any stigma surrounding hair transplants in younger men.


Dr Farjo, founder of The Farjo Hair Institute and medical director of the Institute of Trichologists, said, “Hair transplants are often associated with 50-something men who want to recapture their youth and look good as they age. Of course, this may be the case for many patients, but we’re seeing a steady increase in younger men – often in their late 20s – coming forward to find out more.

“Whether this is due to the rise of popular celebrities and footballers being so open about their own procedures or simply a case of men being more aware of their looks, it’s evident that there’s been a real shift in mindset.”

Dr Farjo is consistently at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery. He performed the world’s first full beard reconstruction by hair transplantation in 1996 and, in 2012, he worked with former footballer Michael Grey on the first hair transplant to be streamed live on the internet in Europe. He also performed one of the first FUE hair transplant surgical procedures in Europe to be carried out by robot on former England captain David Platt and now holds Europe’s only Certificate of Excellence for the Provision of FUE Transplants using the ARTAS robot.

Dr Farjo added: “The results from the Tinder project suggest that those with a fuller head of hair are looked at more favourably by the opposite sex. The hair restoration industry is growing rapidly and constantly changing, so there are various options to consider and, of course, while surgery isn’t for everyone, it is the most appropriate choice for long-lasting, reliable results.”

Richard is now happily engaged.

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