Luscious Lips That Speak Volumes


By Lisajane Davies

Luscious Lips lip glosses from Infracyte, are a revolutionary new product that naturally stimulates new collagen formation in the lips via hyaluronic acid.  They instantly deliver lip volume, smooths lip wrinkles and gives moisturising lip enhancement.

The Luscious Lips scientific formula also contains organic moisturising oils, vitamins and organic plant extracts.  These ingredients help to improve lip fullness, maintain smoothness and moisturise lip tissue over time, enhancing the product’s inherent anti-aging properties with long-term use.

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LL Testimonial Luscious Lips speak volumes

Doctors across the world already love this brilliant lip treatment which is perfect after lip fillers or instead of lip fillers in clinics and salons.  Don’t just take our word for it, Dr. Loredana Desiato from Italy tells us

“Luscious Lips helps me to achieve the best results in lip fillers. My patients love using this treatment to extend the effect of lip filler and obtain natural beautiful fuller lips; it has unique anti-ageing properties which heal, hydrate and plump the lips throughout the day. Many patients have experienced the difference between simple lip fillers and lip fillers with Luscious Lips and come to my office repeatedly to try many fun colours.”

Whilst Dr. Anne Chappel from Sydney, Australia said

“As an anti-aging specialist, I have been absolutely delighted with the Luscious Lips range. They provide an easy effective lip treatment. They quickly add volume and moisture resulting in a stunningly youthful appearance of the lips without making them look unnatural.

At the same time the lipsticks provide a healing and moisturising treatment..I heartily recommend them!”


Although scientifically formulated, the brand is also fun  and it comes in 12 ‘bang on trend’ shades that add colour and gloss to lips for an instant glam look.  Application is simple  to a clean, dry lip area and then you simply wait for the product to take effect.  Within 3-5 minutes, lips will begin naturally plumping and fine lines around the lip contour will fill out.  For longer-lasting results you should use Luscious Lips for a minimum of four weeks.

Kizzy Galvin, Director of LA Beautiful, the UK distributor, says “The product works so well due to the patented peptides and dehydrated marine collagen-filling spheres ensure optimal absorption and plumping, radically increasing lip volume and enhancing the contour of the lips.”

This makes Luscious Lips perfect for people who don’t want lip fillers but still want the immediate volumising effects of these treatments, but it is also perfect for those who do have lip augmentation and want to maintain and boost the look for longer”.

Retail price: £45

To find your nearest stockist or to order yours today check out their website: