MAGNITONE LONDON – The Clean Sweep Cleanser for Men

MAGNITONE LONDON – The Clean Sweep Cleanser for Men

by Ross Linton

As you may have gathered if you are following my regular MANESSENTIALS column here at Totally Aesthetics, I LOVE everything to do with male grooming and anti-ageing.  You will then understand how delighted I was to be asked to try out a new electronic addition to my normal grooming routine with the Clean Sweep Cleanser device from Magniton London

The Magnitone facial cleanser is a quick and modern way for us gents to ensure we keep up with the times and maintain a fresh complexion. The cleanser uses a vibrating technique to clean deep into the pores to help prep the skin and remove unwanted dirt that can cause blemishes and black heads. It does this with the state of the art Vibra-Sonic technology. As men have up to 30% thicker skin than females it also comes with a more vigorous setting giving an even deeper clean that you can use daily.

The Clean Sweep Cleanser is also a great way to maintain the beard. I found that it was able to exfoliate even under my beard, freeing it up and leaving it softer and less rough. The stages are simple and hassle free, you just apply your facial cleanser to the damp brush head and switch it on. You cant get more simple than that! It even comes built with a 30 second timer to let you know that enough is enough! also making sure you don’t overdo it as this can lead to redness and irritation.

Routine done, your skin is left feeling squeaky clean, perfectly prepped ready for your moisturiser.

Top 7 benefits:

  1. 30 second timer
  2. Double setting for face and beards
  3. Deep cleansing and exfoliating
  4. Conditions the beard
  5. Totally water proof
  6. Helps prevent black heads
  7. Fully portable, comes with a cordless charger and travel case.

The Magnitone Cleanser is a modern way to tackle the skin to make sure your sprinting with the rest on that road to perfection. Follow it up with a good moisturiser and SPF and its a good way to maintain a youthful look.

Cost: £85.00 from where there are also vibrasonic devices for the ladies – think gifts she would like men!

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The Clean Sweep Cleanser for Men