Male Grooming & Treatment Trends We’re LOVING In 2017


With the meteoric rise of men’s grooming and barbering set to continue we look forward to our continued work and fascination with all things groomed and dapper.  And with a NEW year brings with it a whole lot of new trends. As men’s grooming brand and educators,  Bluebeards Revenge told us, as well as being Real Men, we’re bonafide fashionistas.bluebeards-torquay Tom Chapman Top 5 fashion conscious hairstyles for men in 2017

Using their top secret scientific formula (honest), they have accurately predicted the top 5 fashion conscious hairstyles men will be wearing in 2017.  Read it HERE




pall-mall-beard-oilPall Mall Barbers – Beard Oil 30ml – £27.00  

A luxurious product that has a signature Sandalwood and Clove scent as well as being packed with essential oils. It softens and keeps your beard free from feeling irritated and rough all day.


Bluebeards Revenge Barbering Bundle – £56.99

A comprehensive collection of luxury shaving products designed to meet the wet shaving needs of any self-respecting barber – as well as making the perfect package for any man determined to perfect the skill.



Beards continue to be in but no one likes a mad smelly bushy beard that is out of control!  We share with you all that you need to be able to Beard Like a Boss

beard-broThe Lions Collective


We are really into this charity aimed at men’s mental health, an international group of top quality barbers that was founded in September 2015. The group help to raise awareness and prevent male depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses. The Lions Barber Collective aims to create training that will enable barbers to recognise, talk, and listen out for symptoms of depression. They, they can safely signpost their clients when they are sat in the chair towards potential solutions. More information at


Gentlemen get FIT without even having to go to the gym!  We mean get skin FIT with this brilliant range of skincare for the boys.

FIT Aesthetic, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We’re LOVING In 2017

Ross our MANESSENTIALS Guru tried FIT Eyedrate out for us in his column this month and we are as loving the the rest of the rangelwu1014-anti-ageingmoisturiser-100ml.

Bulldog – £8.99

Just because the Bulldog’s a wrinkly old beast, it doesn’t mean that you have to be. All our products are purpose built for men and enriched with amazing natural ingredients.

2017 is set to see the continued rise in men seeking anti-ageing advice and treatments and there is nothing wrong with that! Dermal fillers and Guytox are now not just the preserves of women and we take you on a step by step journey through a facial filler treatment here in our article DERMAL FILLERS FOR MEN.DERMAL FILLERS FOR MEN TOTALLY AESTHETIC MAGAZINE



The growth is the protein powder market is unstoppable but as 2016 comes to a close the Vegan based proteins expect to climb even higher in 2017. Pea and hemp protein alone is growing at a speed of 2.5 faster then whey protein.

Zaggora is on a mission to power you with their little packets of vegan protein packed full of antioxidants and probiotic blend too.



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