Masterlift treatment from Marie Reynolds

I am having more and more requests for alternatives to Botox and fillers, non evasive treatments are becoming back in trend which is great news to me . The fact that women and men in their  late teens – early twenties think is normal to inject with Botox and have lip enhancements is shocking to me but sadly it is becoming more common.

I created the Masterlift which is a general term for a progressive skin treatment mainly for total skin rejuvenation but also targeting fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, rosacea etc.

The treatment is great to have as a one off for a special event ( must be done 24hrs before event) but to get the optimum a course of six is recommended every two weeks, however, I have clients who come once a month and still have great results. The treatment is not the same at each visit, once I take an initial assessment and consult I will recommend a treatment program in clinic and at home, this is to continue the treatment that is done with me until the next visit.

The very first visit is to establish what are the underlying concerns and to address the internal as well as external. The treatment itself involves a prepping of the skin before a specific blend of intelligent skin ingredients are applied for meso therapy, as each visit commences the cocktail changes sometimes involving a skin infusion that generates a 30-day collagen production increase and is a wonderful ,potent blend of ingredients including  niacinamide, l-mandalic acid, retinaldahyde, r-lipoic acid, Vitamin E1,3 Beta Glucan just to name a few, It is unique because it avoids damaging the epidermis by penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery. The skin infusion enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation and I also customise by adding powder blends and actives for increased correction.

The fundamental part of any skin care treatment program is the home care and just, as in clinic, the treatment progresses so does the homeware. The effects are amazing as you can see from the before and afters but it is very much a less is more approach, a non aggressive rather than aggressive application. I do not believe you have to pull out the big guns to get a response. I use the analogy of disciplining a child : If you shout a scream at a child to do something they will under protest but the chances are they will rebel later down the line or become traumatised where as if you gently coarse and educate you get a strong foundation and solid character – very much like the skin!

Unfortunately many want instant results out a quick fix which can lead to some disasters and even worse permanent damage. Always seek professional advise when thinking about chemical peels and dermal needling.

One particular client who came to see me was a young woman called Victoria, she first called me, as she said she was too embarrassed to see anyone and hated looking at herself in the mirror.

This is her story in her words:

“I am a 46 yr old mother of two, I have suffered with eczema since I was six months old, my parents were told it was my childhood inoculations that had triggered it and over the years I have visited many skin specialists, most of them giving the same advice and treatment ( move to a warmer climate ) and ALL have prescribed different steroid creams the main one being hydrocortisone ointment 0.5 %.

As an adult, it had seemed the worse was over, only having the odd flare up now and again. At the age of 30 the week after my dad passed I was covered again (like when I was s child ) this lasted about six months and then thankfully calmed down again through topical steroids but the texture of my skin had always been dehydrated and prone to sensitivity.

A visit to a private doctor resulted in the same cream being prescribed and  I was told to use it on my face as well as my body, when I showed some concern of its effects on my face,  I was told that it is regularly used on premature baby’s and won’t do me any harm.
Over the years I have weened my skin off  of hydrocortisone and have been using plain moisturising creams from Boots and Superdrug the likes of No 7, Nivea, Simple etc which seem to give minimal comfort but not long-term results, sometimes flaring in reactions again.

On New Year’s Day this year the skin on my face became very red, tight, sore, swollen and painful. I had to go to hospital and was given a large dose of steroid tablets, twelve tablets in one hit then a course of eight a day for a week. They told me it was an allergic reaction, to what we don’t know. The treatment worked but my face was left dry,  red and damaged. This has happened twice more in the last three moths resulting in me going back to hospital only to be given more steroids, although the second doctor I saw told me it was not a reaction but Dermatitis. I was referred to a dermatologist in early part of March and  he told me they can’t tell me what it is but dermatitis and eczema are the same thing, leaving me totally confused and frustrated, this was meant to be a skin specialist after all!  I was feeling not only in pain but very down and my confidence was at an all time low, I did not even like looking at myself in the mirror.

I called Marie and she immediately arranged for me to have a consultation with her. She asked me questions about my diet – what I ate, when I ate, even how I ate, lifestyle and the time line of emotional trauma’s, she looked at my feet and asked further questions. Marie gave me mind techniques and coping strategies in how I deal with stress, little techniques that make so much sense but really take little effort, she requested me to bring in the skin products I had bought in Boots and we went though the ingredients together and looked them up so that she could show me that the skin care I was using was not helping but actually assisting the inflammation! ingredients like parabens, sls, artificial fragrances and colours that I would not even dream of looking at avoiding or knowing about.

Marie then advised  me on a whole program including cutting out wheat, refined sugars and dairy and look at introducing an alkaline diet, which I started to do straight away, she recommend to only use Osmosis skincare and Collagen Shots all available in the shop

I bought the Collagen Shots straight away and instantly felt and saw results, the pain decreased as well as the inflammation. I have had two treatments at Marie’s Clinic and have been using the Collagen Shots daily, along with the skin care advised by Marie. My skin has improved dramatically and not only myself but others have noticed the difference in the texture and appearance of my skin which has given me such a confidence boost. Marie also advised me on homeopathic remedies to take, which is the next phase of my investment to my skin.”

Dealing with the skin is only part of the skins PIN code it is so important to deal with the client as a whole which is why the Masterlift is a generic in title but specific to client. I don’t like giving clients the option to skin treatments – unless it is a relaxing type this is because more often than not the wrong type of facial is chosen to their perception rather than what is actually required for the best out come.

At this moment in time I am only doing the Masterlift treatment at Fortnum and Masons until the clinic in North Norfolk opens. We are still constructing it at the moment and the clinic will be offering not only progressive skin treatments but all of my Noetic therapies including The Bowen Technique – watch this space or follow me on instagram @mariereynolds_london for updates!