MEN: Do you need MURAD in your life?

by Ross Linton

TA Mag try out the Murad AHA Rapid Exfoliating Facial

I was given the opportunity to go along and experience the Murad AHA Rapid Exfoliator Anti-Aging facial in the buzzing department store that is House of Fraser on London’s Oxford Street.

Every man continues to pursue the key to beating dull, dry and damaged skin as ‘looking good’ is now becoming more and more important to gentleman this side on the century. Skin care doesn’t come much more researched and effective than that of the arsenal of products and treatments offered by Dr Howard Murad. Murad Skincare has been around for over 25 years, of American origin, with over 30,000 clinics around the globe offering his treatments and skin care range; it’s a no brainer that you are in safe hands.

As I arrived I was met by a skin specialist called Georgia, she explained the treatment’s that were available. She ushered me to a very quiet corner of the store hidden on lower level away from prying eyes, because as we all know there is still a need for men to have the added security of been as discreet and unnoticed as possible when it comes to receiving any beauty related treatments. As you enter you are hit by phenomenal smells and soft lighting, music is softly playing allowing you to get ready to unwind and relax. Georgia showed me where I would be for the next hour, a heated treatment table layered with Egyptian cotton sheets and pillows screaming utter comfort.

The AHA Rapid Exfoliator treatment starts with your skin being prepared by a steam machine, pointed towards the face to open the pores. Georgia began to carry out a consultation where she advised me on what my skin is in need of and what benefits I am going to gain from the facial. How times have changed I said and asked am I the only man looking to take up on services normally aimed at the female market, Georgia explained that it was only the other day her diary was totally full with gents who were all looking to peel away the effects of the hustle and bustle of the city that adds to stressed and tired looking skin. Georgia went onto tell me that regardless of gender it is really important to ensure you take the time to care for your skin properly and time should always be taken to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

The facial is designed to break down the clogged pores, remove unwanted dead skin build up and smooth out lines, repair signs of sun damaged skin and assist with the treatment of blemishes and acne. My face was then quilted in a peel consisting of glycolic and Salicylic acids, this is left on for a period of time to work on removing and refreshing my skin from unwanted purities. It does come with a feeling relatable to a tingling sensation but nothing that would make it onto a pain register.

Once the peels are removed Georgia then began to manually extract unwanted build up and debris trapped in my pores, this process of ‘extracting’ minimises the risk of aggravated spots developing any black heads becoming visible, something that is rare in the UK market.

Serum was next which was applied to my face, boosting moisture followed up with a clarifying mask. The end result is amazing in an instant I could already see that my skin was bright, awoken and less red. The extracted white spots and debris was noticeably gone. In all honesty I could really see the difference immediately. My skin felt repaired and rested, unlike other facials I’ve had this is the first time I’ve seen an instant result with little side-effects. There was no redness, no areas showing stress and there was enough product still on my face to allow me to go about my day as normal without looking like I had been put through a car wash. Problem was I wanted to climb back onto that heated treatment table, wrap myself up and choose another option from the menu.

The Murad products derive from the experienced knowledge developed by a Doctor who is a professor of medicine, he is a trained dermatologist and if this wasn’t enough he is also a pharmacist. You really do feel that every product prescribed on your prescription is going to do the job effortlessly.

Man to man I can tell you that the AHA Rapid Exfoliating Facial is something you need in your life. It is, and will continue to be the treatment and skin routine I recommend to everyone and continue to use today.

To find your nearest Murad stockist take a look at their website:

murad-invisiblur totally aesthetic magazine winterTry:

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 – £55.00

This is a 5 in 1 time saving formula that works on treating multiple skin issues. It helps to blur imperfections, treat the age related signs, protects from the sun, primes and hydrates. A product that is an SPF and a moisturiser is essential to any busy gent.

quench-essence-murad totally aesthetic magazineMurad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence – £59.00

This hydration booster is formulated with powerful ingredients to unlock your skins hydration potential. By helping your skin cells to retain essential water, key to stopping the ageing process, it will plump, soften and promote cell renewal as well as containing Replenicell technology to attract and bind water to the skin cells

murad-ultimate-moisture totally aesthetic magazineMurad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream – £55.00

This luxurious, lightweight cream is scientifically created to keep your skin locked in with moisture for a full 24 hours. It is overflowing with Hyaluronic Acid, shea butter, avocado, olive fruit oils and coconut extract to boost your skin making it plump, fresh and supple. The key ingredient is the Replenicell technology, a scientifically researched approach to aid the skin retain water.