We heard at TA Mag towers there was an Miss Universe entrant practicing medicine in central London, so we went to investigate.  We met Dr Liesel Holler, a surgeon and aesthetic doctor who is  a very friendly, caring and beautiful ex Miss Peru

Dr Liesel is a truly inspirational women, highly trained as a surgeon, she speaks 5 languages and is now an accomplished aesthetic doctor who came to the UK in 2008 with her husband.  Born in Peru, the daughter of a beautiful mother and famous 1984 rally driving champion, she had an idyllic childhood until one day when her father did not return from a training drive.  After his death at the age of 10, her mother who was just 25, was left to raise Liesel and her sister and they then moved to Sweden.  Life got better, Stockholm was a fantastic place to grow up, her mother remarried and she met her childhood sweetheart, now her husband, whilst at school.  She tells me that she recognised her passion for medicine at a very young age and began Medical School in 2000.  She was already an F1 by 2004 and began to specialise in surgery as a surgical trainee.

Dr Liesel has always remained very close to her family back in Peru and they visit often and on one such visit in 2004 she was ‘spotted’ by the talent agents for the Miss World series of beauty pageants.   Despite not having lived in Peru for 10 years she was still a native and therefor qualified to enter for her country.  Her family were no strangers to the Miss World Pageants, her Aunt won in 1965.  The problem was that Dr Liesel was 3 years into her medical training at home and the rules if you are a winner of Miss Peru are that you have to promote the pageant for 12 months following. She was excited to be given the opportunity but made it clear that she would only be able to be away for 6 months at this key time in her medical training in Sweden and they agreed so she entered.

The Pageant came around for Miss Peru and she won and for the next six months she travelled around Peru judging and crowing the next year’s regional finalists.  She was also entered into Miss Earth and Miss Caribbean, she won again 2005 and spent another 6 months travelling around all of the gorgeous island crowing the potential winners for the next year. You could say this is where she developed her eye for beauty that she now uses in her cosmetic work.

Although the time she spent back home and in the Caribbean  was enjoyable, Dr Liesel was determined to make a difference to the poverty that is still suffered by so many people in Peru and partnered with her aunty, Frieda Holler (Miss Peru 1965) to co-found a charity called Angeles Peruanos to sponsor kids and help support their mothers to get them through school.  She was very involved doing health lectures, medical campaigns and also holds charity events in London for funds to we send funds every year for our sponsored kids.

img_9223Despite flying to every Caribbean island to crown winners, also entering Miss Universe and numerous offers of TV and film work Dr Liesel returned to medical school back in Sweden to finish her degree and gave up the life as an international beauty star.  So by 2006 she was back in med school, began surgical training and moved to the UK in 2008 and went on to have 2 beautiful children.

Maybe then, not the person you would think still now works intensive shifts a 24 hour shift in the intensive care unit of an NHS hospital and currently combines this with aesthetics at the heart of London’s Mayfair.  She is now focusing more on her passion for aesthetics and this passion will now become a career and she loves balancing this with her life as a mother and wife.

Dr Liesel is not like any ordinary woman I have met, more like a wonder woman, yet remains very grounded, focused, family centric and caring – what more could you ask for in your doctor!

If you want to see Dr Liesel you can find her at Mayfair and Primrose Hill clinics.  Why not fill in our online patient enquiry form for your personal appointment today www.totallyaesthetic.com/enquiry