Murad Essential Vit C-Cleanser

by Ross Linton

I am a bit of a power fan of Murad skincare since trying out a man facial at House of Fraser in Oxford Street.  And a smile comes to my face everytime another package to crash test arrives on my doorstep.  They didn’t let me down when I received my Murad Essential Vit C-Cleanser apparently an environmental shield in a tube!

Dr Howard Murad is renowned for being able to put scientific research into practice when he creates his bespoke range of skin care. The products are never tested on animals and are dermatologically tested on other human beings!

I was given the chance to try out the Vit C Cleanser to see how it stands up to the other cleansers on the market today. At a low price of £25.00 and available in a large sized tube it’s not going to break the wallet!

Murad Essential Vit C-CleanserThe cleanser is packed with powerful antioxidant vitamins A, C and E and with its patented formula it scientifically cleans away dirt and oil build up. The most amazing fact about the whole Environmental Shield range is this product is able to repair the skin when required but then also keep on top of the skins defences protecting it from any reoccurring issues. The cleanser is king at keeping your skin hydrated and bright, Murad out it down to the key scientific ingredients. The phospholipids and sodium PCA work as a perfect collaboration is binding moisture to the skin.

Overall I’ve used this product for a while now. It is very effective and does a great job in preparing my skin ready my daily skincare routine. It remains gentle to the skin and has no exfoliating properties so it can be used every day! It is also good to point out at how amazing it smells. The citrus smell mirrors the scents you get from having a very high end facial.

#RossRecommends Murad Essential Vit C-Cleanser as a MANESSENTIAL!

Grab your Murad – Environmental Shield – Essential Vit C-Cleanser online here in their shop £25.00

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