My running buggy became my therapist

My running buggy became my therapist

Having been told she would never have children Gemma Guise had all but given up the idea of having a child of her own, here is her story

I was told I would never be able to have children, after lots of acupuncture, private clinics, special diets I gave up and came to the acceptance that my shoes and PR business would be my babies and cars would be my husbands. We loved our London life and agreed this would be our life.

Of course this wasn’t enough for us and even though we didn’t talk about it we were both desperate for a baby. In a bid to fill the gap careers, shoes and cars were leaving we decided to move to the country.

You can imagine the shock I had when I discovered I was pregnant the day we exchanged on our house!

All our prayers had been answered, a cottage, a healthy pregnancy and a thriving business. We couldn’t of asked for more. Not once did it cross my mind that when my baby boy arrived I would struggle. I was a career woman, I could multitask, I didn’t need family close by, I didn’t need help, I would be able to exercise a week after the birth, return to work within days…’I naively thought! ‘

Christmas Eve we got home with our little miracle and he was perfect. A spanner had been thrown into the plan as I had had an emergency c-section so immediately my ;bounce back body had been extended to many months rather than a few weeks! … “it’s ok” I thought “I can do it! “

The first few weeks went by in a haze of sleep deprivation, infected c-section and troubled feeding!…I didn’t even remember I had a business or the fact that I cared about how my body looked.

But then the dreaded day came, my husband had to go back to work. The confident slightly cocky me had vanished. I had no idea who I was, my normal routine of exercise then work had gone. I was alone, exhausted and lost.

So I turned to my buggy!

The one baby thing we bought that I am thankful for everyday is my jogging buggy.

Everyday I went out with my buggy, it started by going for walks with my little one purely to regain some routine. I then progressed to short runs progressing to half marathon training.

It wasn’t easy, he cried and I cried but between us we got there, we got into a pattern and I actually think he started to enjoy his buggy runs too. The exercise, the freedom of being outside, feeling like I was getting some routine back… I felt like I was getting a bit of me back.

My running buggy became my therapistI honestly believe I would of hit rock bottom if I hadn’t had my running buggy. This was great therapy but only because I loved running.

I spoke to lots of mums that admired what I was doing (little did they know most morning I would cry half way into my run) but they said they couldn’t or didn’t enjoy running but they really wanted to be able to use exercise to help them regain a bit of the pre baby person they once were.

Hence why I decided to set up MammaFit. Already trained as a personal trainer all I had to do was train in Pre and Postnatal exercise so that I could give the best advice to my clients.

Once I had got my qualifications under my belt I created a website, found locations, gathered toys and set up classes. I now run the classes in Kent but I have just landed a deal with Fitness First in the City of London to run the classes there, with the opportunity to expand with them.

It is an exciting time for me, a year and a half after having my son I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel! I had to take a step back from my existing PR business as it wasn’t feasible to do the work required with a baby, another reason why the fitness classes are so good, I can work with my little man in tow!


Kent Classes: Tuesdays 10.15am, Frittenden Village Hall, 2DD, The St, Frittenden, Cranbrook TN17

To book on either class either email me: Or go

A brilliant story well done Gemma!

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