November Nutrition Edit from Transformation LAB

FitFood, Wellness, Nutrition that is what you may see if you follow us over on Instagram. With the help of our Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Zoey Hughes and her Transformation LAB we get our very own healthy recipes everyday with added motivation to don our trainers and get down the gym for a spot of Powerwave.  We take a look at some of Octobers delicious #fitfood delights.

Working with top chef Paul to bring us our daily portion of really really fit looking food! Introducing  It’s the only Whey!wheyboxtamag-zoey-tlab

A membership service that once signed up, the little bundles of 10 different flavoured 30g protein sachets from the amazing gingerbread to coconut and more conventional flavour of strawberry and chocolate are delivered to your door every month without ever having to place a re-order. No more big tubs of one
flavour protein and overly scientific labels they have created a brand that fits an ethos and service that compliments the ever busier world we live in.

The Transformation LAB team can really help you change the way you look at your overall health and lifestyle, one meal at a delicious time.   We cannot wait for the next column in the December issue of Totally Aesthetic Magazine.

transformation-lab-There was a storm on twitter about this sweet potato toast! Seriously!
There was a storm on twitter about this sweet potato toast! Seriously!
transformation-lab fit food
After a hard day in the gym! #fitfood


transformation-lab-lunchtime treat with coconut water
A lunchtime treat with coconut water #fitfood
paulie_fitfood-boom bbq sauce turkey sausagetasticness
BBQ sauce, muffin, turkey sausagetasticness!

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paulie_fitfood-the sprouts were out early
the sprouts were out early with scallops
paulie_fitfood-he had a protein ball making this lot
Protein Balls, we had never seen so many BALLS! #fitfood
transformation-lab-Its the Whey Box way
The Whey Box way!
paulie_fitfood-The Spooky Whey
The Spooky Whey nutrition!
paulie_fitfood-now that is what we call an omelette
Now that is what we call an omelette

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