Nutracheck Food Tracking On The Go

Nutracheck Food Tracking On The Go

How to do you keep track of calories and the values of food when you are shopping or on the road – Get the App – Nutracheck Food Tracking On The Go

Whether you’re trying to eat less sugar, curb the carbs or lose weight, see the bigger picture with Nutracheck. It’s your must-have food-tracking app, counting carbs, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and salt – as well as calories – so you can customise your food diary with the nutrients that interest you.  With over 200,000 products in the UK food database, you’ll see at a glance how your diet measures up.

Emma Clarke – MSc Human Nutrition

Emma Clarke, the in-house nutritionist at Nutracheck, the UK’s top rated diet website tell us more. She is passionate about having a healthy relationship with food – it’s the fuel our body needs, but also a treat for the soul.

Emma says “I find the science of nutrition fascinating and love understanding what different nutrients do within our body. This helps me to choose my diet based on what my body needs, which I think is a great approach for people to have. But I also love all food and know that a treat for your taste buds is just as important sometimes – it’s all about balance.”

“We’ve now launched nutrient tracking which gives people better insights and guidance on tracking their diet, whether that’s for weight loss or general health or sport training.”

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Nutracheck weight loss: 9st

Nutracheck Food Tracking On The Go“Nutracheck’s nutrient tracking is effortless yet powerful – the benefits are already showing in my waistline and my overall health. Thank you Nutracheck!”

Chris Angel found himself at a turning point on New Years Day 2014 when he tipped the scales at 21st 12lbs – his heaviest weight ever.

“I was the biggest I had ever been and my health was suffering. I had high blood pressure, I was prediabetic and my GP gave me a stark choice: take medication to control my blood pressure and the onset of diabetes – or lose weight.”

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