Renee Zellweger Hits Back at the Press

Renee Zellweger is ‘pissed off’ and rightly so and after trying to ignore the lies and the fabricated stories, much like Jennifer Aniston, she has partnered with the Huffington Post to share her side of the story.

Renee writes;

I am lucky. Choosing a creative life and having the opportunity to do satisfying work that is sometimes meaningful is a blessed existence and worth the price paid in the subsequent challenges of public life.

Sometimes it means resigning to humiliation, and other times, understanding when silence perpetuates a bigger problem.

In October 2014, a tabloid newspaper article reported that I’d likely had surgery to alter my eyes.

It didn’t matter; just one more story in the massive smut pile generated every day by the tabloid press and fueled by exploitative headlines and folks who practice cowardly cruelty from their anonymous internet pulpits.

In the interest of tabloid journalism, which profits from the chaos and scandal it conjures and injects into people’s lives and their subsequent humiliation, the truth is reduced to representing just one side of the fictional argument. I can’t imagine there’s dignity in explaining yourself to those who trade in contrived scandal, or in seeking the approval of those who make fun of others for sport. It’s silly entertainment, it’s of no import, and I don’t see the point in commenting.


However, in our current culture of unsolicited transparency, televised dirty laundry, and folks bartering their most intimate details in exchange for attention and notoriety, it seems that the choice to value privacy renders one a suspicious character. Disingenuous. A liar with nefarious behavior to conceal. “She denies,” implies an attempt to cover up the supposed tabloid “exposed truth.”

And now, as the internet story contrived for its salacious appeal to curious minds becomes the supposed truth within moments, choosing the dignity of silence rather than engaging with the commerce of cruel fiction, leaves one vulnerable not only to the usual ridicule, but to having the narrative of one’s life hijacked by those who profiteer from invented scandal.

We think she is spot on here at Totally Aesthetic Magazine and aim never to profit from lies for our own gain. We love a celeb story but not at their painful or embarrassing expense.  Read More