The luxury Arcaya facial for the boys

I was given a great opportunity to pop into Le Boutique Spa , London, to have a professional luxury Arcaya facial. I want to continue to show our readers that us gents do have access to the newest active facial treatments taking London by storm – by Ross Linton

Situated conveniently in the heart of Marylebone it was easy to get to my appointment and when I arrived I was given a warm welcome.  Next I was taken through a full consultation prior to my treatment.

My therapist Paulina told me that the treatments were originally designed for professional use and that Arcaya Actives deliver incredible anti-ageing benefits.  I was excited that I would also get to take home ‘Arcaya ampules’ to continue boosting the treatment myself at home.

Ross tries the luxury Arcaya facialOnce my consultation was complete Paulina and I both decided that I was to opt for the Vit C serum as part of my tailored treatment. The Vit C serum can be used to refresh and brighten whereas the Caviar serum was a great way to have that luxurious glow ready for any night out. They are also great to combat certain issues such as skin break outs or even razor burn!

There are 6 active treatment ranges to choose from and all formulated without parabens or mineral oils, Arcaya Actives boast cutting-edge skincare ingredients in their pure form and maximum possible concentration.

I had a great cleansing and refreshing facial combined with a 20% acid peel before the ampoule was applied using a oxygen spa facial. The product smells great and is applied to skin with no sting, no oily residue which after the low acid peel this is very important to consider.

So gents, would I recommend getting these facials? Would I say it was a must have addition to your grooming routine? Is it a luxurious way to feel good? Yes!

To conclude, these are the 7 top benefits from these little beauties:

  • They combat different skin issues
  • Treatment can be tailored to your wish for results
  • They don’t clog the skin
  • It’s a professional range that can be used at home
  • They are paraben and mineral oil free
  • They contain only pure formulas
  • They come in over 30 different formulas

Get in touch to book your luxury Arcaya facial or purchase you at home ampules today