Yes you read correctly. In recent years vaginal rejuvenation has gone from strength to strength. And so to for men, though a little more hush, hush.

By Andrew Hansford

Men are definitely becoming more aware of their appearance and spending more time and money on rejuvenation procedures, teeth whitening, hair, the gym and Botox which is almost on a par with women. With the marketing of vaginal lifting and tightening being common place it wouldn’t be long before procedures for the male more intimate parts would pop up. Pardon the pun.

So where does this stem from? Is it the ‘locker room syndrome’ where a guy’s power symbol doesn’t measure up? Or is it age? Which until now, men have had to resign themselves to the fact that the scrotum ages prematurely. Whatever the reason why shouldn’t they feel better about themselves? Wanting your bits and pieces to look and feel better can be physiological as well as visual which can lead to other emotional concerns such as erectile dysfunction.

There have been various treatments around for a while including; penis pumps, hyaluronic acid fillers, fat injections, PRP and shock therapy (ouch). Some of these are targeted at the aesthetic appearance where others for medical conditions. Some practitioners have also found that when using lasers for hair removal in that delicate area, often referred to as ‘back, sack and crack’, clients have noticed an improvement in the areas appearance, including; becoming less wrinkly and a smoother texture. The coup de grace is the scrotal lift known as ‘scrotoplasty’, a surgical procedure which tightens, lifts and reduces the scrotums excess skin.

But what about Botox or now aptly named ’Scrotox’. Botox as a procedure improves the appearance of wrinkles and decrease sweating and has been used for a while on marathon runners and cyclists as it reduces burns in the inner thigh from rubbing and sweat irritation. So with the right application in the genital area the scrotum can appear less wrinkled and in some noted cases appear larger due to the muscles being relaxed. Though this is a relatively new procedure it’s not going to be long before its common place on the menu of many practices. It’s already in Hollywood!

George Clooney once joked with Esquire about “ball ironing” being the hottest thing in Hollywood.

Did someone say SCROTOX!

At the end of the day both sexes want to feel good during intimacy and be comfortable naked. And if it takes treatments like Scrotox to do this, who are we to argue?

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