SPLAT Express Oral Care Foam

What was life like in the tooth department before the arrival of SPLAT Express Oral Care Foam ?  We asked our main man in grooming, Men’s Editor, Ross Linton

I’m not alone when I say my teeth and their health are even more important to me now than ever before. With the big rise in being pruned and proud for us gents it’s only fair we take as much pride and care in our appearance like our female counterparts now expect us to.

I was given this product to see if the new science behind ‘on the go’ oral care is actually all it makes itself out to be. I work full time, in a high paced environment and could never take on anything consuming my time during the 9-5. I am active, I am also always on the hunt to save time and I am also most definitely self-conscious of my appearance and how I present myself. Most of us gents love a good bite to eat but also dread the follow up meeting or the 1-1 contact because you have just devoured a garlic and onion infested lunch, this also is the case for when you’re wining and dining the new potential love in your life. Then I was delivered this little 50ml bottle of heaven!

Just a few pumps and a minute of rinsing around your mouth and your breath is fresh and your teeth feel squeaky clean. Jam packed with lots of good ingredients such as liquorice bark, Lactoperoxidase and Lacto Ferrin all provide the anti-bacterial fighting components to help slow down plaque build-up and kill off any unwanted bacteria adding to bad breath and even potential nasty infections and inflammation.

The product is great for anyone undergoing any invasive or non-invasive dental treatments as it doesn’t require any brushing but can still keep the area sterile especially after implants, adding of a brace or even tooth removal! Overall, this product gets top marks from me as it really has become a part of my 9-5. No longer can chewing gum or eating mints even come close.

The best bits:

  • Cleans the enamel making it smooth to touch
  • Prevents more formation of plaque
  • Promoted gum health
  • Keeps breath fresh
  • Normalises the PH balance for up to 4 hours – important in reducing bacteria growth
  • Suitable for anyone undergoing dental treatments

Do I recommend it? YES so go and grab yours today at  www.splatoralcare.co.uk             £5.95

Do you have any products, treatments or men’s grooming services that you would like our Ross to test out?  Email him at Ross@totallyaesthetic.com today.