TA Mag Editor’s Choice Winter

By Lisajane Davies

There has been so much to choose from for my Editor’s Choice this month and I found lots of lovely things to share with you and for our 2017 Must Haves out next week.  I have been de-stressing, anti-ageing, lighting candles, smothering myself in caviar and getting rid of redness with my favourites this month.  I hope you want to try them too

I loved trying out the new destressing Hayo’u range which aims to bring you daily defence against the damaging effects of stress. Welcome to our One-Minute rituals based on body work, breathing and bathing techniques of Classical Chinese Medicine.

face_oil_lifestyle_images_1-editors-choice-winter-tamagThe Beauty Restorer is £35 and helps you clear away the signs of stress and aging on your face, in just one minute. This simple, self treatment is based on an ancient Chinese Medicine technique called Gua Sha. It’s an easy press-stroke action to draw toxicity and tension out via the excretory function of the skin and the nourishing function of the circulatory system.

You begin by watching videos for all of the correct techniques WATCH  The technique draws out toxicity and tension for an altogether brighter, healthier complexion and body.  Do take a moment to check out all of the rituals  www.hayoumethod.com

We are addicted to our new Infracyte LUSCIOUS LIPS -£45  www.lusciouslips.online

speak-volumes-1A revolutionary new product that naturally stimulates new collagen formation in the lips via Hyaluronic acid.  It delivers instant lip volume, smooths lip wrinkles and gives moisturising lip enhancement effect.

The LUSCIOUS LIPS® formula also contains organic moisturising oils, vitamins and organic plant extracts.  These ingredients help to improve lip fullness, maintain smoothness and moisturise lip tissue over time, enhancing the product’s inherent anti-aging properties with long-term use.

We also love the new NeoStrata Redness Neutralizing Serum  £28.50 www.neostrata.co.uk

neostrata-redness-neutralizing-serum-editors-choice-tamag-winterFormulated with NeoStrata BioCalm Complex™, a proprietary blend of ingredients to target the sources of redness, restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and help calm skin prone to sensitivity, such as rosacea-prone skin.

skinChemists Advanced Caviar Day Moisturiser Editors Choice TA Mag#

skinChemists Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser (£84/50ml)   www.skinchemists.com

This luxuriously packaged day moisturiser ensures the skin remains smooth and  protected throughout the day, with a beautifully mattified finish. Formulated with sustainably sourced Caviar to provide daily protection with a boost of nutrition, the complexion will be left looking radiant and healthy.


Ixxi Elixir Aqua Essential Serum 30ml – £26.70  www.sanareva.co.uk

Aqua Essential Serum moisturises, smoothes and protects skin. A genuine concentrate of moisturising active ingredients, it stimulates the production of aquaporins, which helps maintain hydration levels within the cells. This comforting and intensely rehydrating 24-hour treatment leaves the skin supple and fresh.

exuviance-deep-hydration-treatment-masque-editors-choice-tamagExuviance Deep Hydration Treatment masque  £26.00  www.exuviance.co.uk

The new Deep Hydration Treatment masque is a deeply #hydrating #overnight #masque that will strengthen your skin against daily damaging effects.


And finally when we have shut down the computer and switched off the work phone we unwind with our fabulous and very festive smelling Orange, Clove & Cinnamon candle from Zenii.   www.zenii.comzenii-candle-editors choice winter ta mag


ZENii candles are hand poured in the UK and are made of pure Essential oils. All ZENii candles are organic, meaning they don’t use any paraffin/petrochemicals and are made from plant sources. This is kind to your lungs and to the environment.

The glass used in the ZENii wellness range is all recycled and the wicks are made of cotton, so everything is ethically and sustainably sourced. Even the box is made from recycled materials..

The candles comes in various scents: Orange, Clove & Cinnamon, Vanilla, Fresh Linen and Juniper & Pine

The small candles retail at £45 and have a burn time of 70 hours  and the larger candles are £65 and have a burn time of 90 hours and come in these scents: Geranium & Sweet, Orange and Howood Oil & Bergamot