Feel Good Facial

We like to get it right at TA Mag and make sure that the people who we ask to give our readers advice are the very best in the business.  We sent over Stephanie Lewis our girl on the pulse to check out our columnist, Emma Bennett in her natural habitat of a luxury treatment room.  What does Stephanie think…..

I have been lucky enough to experience a facial by renowned facialist Emma Bennett, who practises at the exclusive Chelsea Harbour, Amida Spa.  As soon as I am greeted by Emma I realise this isn’t just a fluff and cleanse, and that this lady means business.

TA Mag Columnist and Facialist to the stars Emma is gorgeous through and through and instantly makes you feel at ease.  She clearly practises what she preaches – her skin is radiant and as smooth as a baby’s bum, and suddenly I know I have come to the right place!   Like a woman at a dinner party who has just been sat next to a doctor, I instantly start to ramble on about all my skin woes. Whilst taking my ramble in and explaining the treatment that I am about to undergo, Emma is careful to explain that no two facials are the same and that after 25 years’ in the industry, she is keen to treat each face differently and ensure that the treatment is bespoke to me. After our five minute consultation, she tells me to slip into the warm fuzzy bed and I am instantly in heaven, relaxed and ready for Emma’s ‘Superior facial’. Emma starts with a deep sonic cleanse, followed by microdermabrasion and a light peel. Although tingly in some parts due to the Lactic acid, Emma’s massaging technique seems to over come this.

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Emma believes that by massaging the product in, you gain greater effect on the skin. I am all for any massage so this is dreamy and I lie back and switch off.  After my peel, it’s time for my LED mask and according to Emma I am not the only one to sport this Hannibal Lector look and reap the rewards- everyone from Jessica Alba to Kim K are fans.   The concept of LED was originallyLEDly identified by NASA to grow plants in space. LED light is believed to rejuvenate cells 200 times faster than those not stimulated by LED light – not to mention increase the production of collagen.  I am all for boosting collagen in a natural way whether I look terrifying or not, so I lie back, feeling freaky.   Suddenly and all to quickly my glorious 75 minutes is over and I am being offered tea, but all I really want to do is stay in my fuzzy cove and have Emma’s massages for the rest of my life – but alas she has celebs to tend to and I know why.

Emma is the perfect balance between aesthetic and spa, she clearly has a lifetime of knowledge and knows the science behind how to straighten one’s skin – but she also makes sure that you are relaxed and in a spa like environment.  Her motto is everyone deserves ‘skin to be seen in‘and after having her 75 minute treatment I know why – I can already feel the effects and it’s the first time I have bounced out of a facial makeup free 2016-05-01 22.42.48and flirty! She even tells me that over the next 3-4 days my skin will lift, tighten and glow resulting in the best version of me. Who wouldn’t love that!


We think that we can safely say that our Emma nailed it!

With thanks to David Lloyd, Amida Spa at the Chelsea Harbour Club for hosting our review.  Products by phFormula and Slimfit LED