The Marbella Face Lift could change your life forever


When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!  Meet 52 year old Anne Sullivan, a web designer from Brighton, who told us “I had The Marbella Face Lift (Mesoplasty Lift) as a divorce gift to myself”  As divorce gifts go we think that it was well worth it

Three years ago Anne’s marriage ended suddenly and painfully after 15 years together. she says “I’m not saying our marriage was always a bed of roses but we had generally been very happy together and I thought we’d be together forever.

Anne says “I don’t know how I survived the months after the separation but I did. The divorce was a long and painful process as we split everything up and in the middle of it all he announced that his new girlfriend was pregnant.

I put on weight and resorted to wearing fleeces and jeans as I didn’t have the motivation to go shopping for clothes or dress up like I used to. I even stopped bothering to put makeup on as I work from home so figured what was the point. I had withdrawn from any kind of social life anyway.”

The day the divorce was finalised was a sunny bright Spring day and she went for a meal to celebrate.  She caught sight of herself in a mirror and felt that she had aged 20 years and looked like an old woman.

Anne began to investigate non-surgical solutions and says “I’d never had any cosmetic procedures other than the odd facial and I didn’t want anything permanent and surgery was a definite no way.”

At various consultations the solutions offered to me her Harley Street clinic seemed complicated and eye wateringly expensive. She would need several different procedures at different times and the whole thing racked up to something in excess of £5,000 and would require numerous trips to London.

Some friends were going on holiday to Marbella and asked her to join them.  On the flight out Anne was leafing through the in-flight magazine and read an article about a woman who had had what they’d dubbed as ‘The Marbella Face Lift’  at the Graal Clinic in Marbella. It was a new type of face lift that could be done in two hours with no recovery time and cost only £900, which was less than a fifth of what you would have to pay in London.

As Anne read about all the things that the new face lift did, it was like someone was ticking off a wish list of what I’d dreamed of having done to my face. Lifting, plumping, smoothing, filling in of wrinkles and hollows, skin regenerating and eye bag removal, all in one two-hour procedure and not a single cut of the knife.

By the time she landed all she could think about was calling the clinic and so she did.  The clinic was fully booked but following day thy called to say there was one appointment free.  The Marbella Lift took less than two hours and it was virtually pain free.

She chillaxed by the pool, went for pampering massages and spa treatments and by the time Anne returned home after six days away her face was pretty much back to normal in terms of swelling and bruising, except she looked about five years younger already and the effects of the plasma vitamin and collagen  injections and eye bag removal procedure hadn’t even kicked in yet.

After about three weeks I saw the full effects of the Marbella Facelift and it was incredible. It looked even better than a surgical face lift as along with a new youthful tightness to my skin there was a plumping out of my cheeks, removal of hollows and jowls and the luminosity of my skin was amazing.

My new face along with my new hair, holiday tan and a much needed wardrobe make over from a brief shopping spree in Marbella I looked like a completely different woman. When people saw me who knew me they’d do a double take. A few people asked me if I’d found love again as I looked so glowing and young. I just smiled and told them it was down to nothing more than a relaxing and regenerating holiday.

Now I feel so much better about everything and my confidence has soared. I’ve been motivated to lose weight and am almost back to my old svelte self.

On returning from holiday I also made a few big decisions in my life regarding work which I’d been putting off,  meaning I’m off in a new direction with my career. Feeling better about myself has given me the kind of energy boost I haven’t felt in years.

I’ve already noticed that I’m starting to get some positive attention from men, probably because I’m smiling more and my confidence has returned more than anything else, but also perhaps because I don’t look defeated and worn down by life. Nobody wants to take on a burden.

I’m in my early 50’s but now I’m often mistaken for being in my 40’s, which is something that would give any woman something to smile about. I think when you feel good about yourself then other people feel good being around you, it’s all a knock on effect.

But my Marbella Facelift was the best £900 (1200 Euros) I think I’ve ever spent other than buying a moped when I was 16. I’m told the results last two years so I think I’ll be booking myself another little regenerating holiday in the sun in a few years time.”

The Mesoplasty Lift is available exclusively at the Graal Clinic, visit;


MesoPlasty Lift – the NEW complete non-surgical face lift

The MesoPlasty Lift uses these four combined techniques to give the complete face lift results;

  1. Skin lifting – Miracu Meso Wires are bio compatible wires threaded under the skin via a needle that can be tightened to lift the skin. The wires are made from polylactic acid (PLA), with bi-directional cones and are entirely resorbable, giving an immediate and natural skin lift, with progressive restoration of lost collagen, with results lasting up to two years.
  2. Eye bag removal – a specially adapted form of hyaluronic acid is injected into the eye bag area in order to fill out, smooth and erase the hollow contours of the bags below the eyes. Result last up to two years.
  3. Cheek filler – Ellansé is highly innovative dermal filler that gives volume to hollow skin and stimulates the tissue to bring about natural collagen production to achieve rejuvenated, natural, long-lasting results of between 2-3 years.
  4. The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Skin rejuvenation injections – Facial rejuvenation is performed using blood from the patient, which is processed to extract its “growth factor” protein. The protein is then injected all over the face. This treatment regenerates and repairs tissues and achieves the cellular activation of the connective tissue that produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Result last 1-2 years.