THE SCIENCE OF VOLUME – Real Reader Review by Hannah, 43, with fine, limp, bleached hair

My hair has always been the bane of my life, as a child it was wild and out of control with a ton of curls, and as I got older and discovered bleach and hair straighteners it became very fine and flat, neither being ideal meaning I have spent more money on hair products than some people would on a two week holiday abroad!


So when I was asked to trial the Salon Science range of products for anti-ageing and restored volume I was doubtful as to how they would work on my lifeless, fine, dry hair. I have tried volumising ranges in the past and been left with sticky impossible to style hair that I ended up having to wash again as the texture felt like I had glue in it. So let’s give this new range a go as it seems to have the science behind it and may not be just pretty packaging. I liked the idea that it is created for aging hair as now I’m a woman in her 40’s I have noticed my hair like my skin has changed in the past few years, so why wouldn’t we want to use products specifically for ageing hair like we do our faces?

The range consists of 5 products – shampoo, conditioner, scalp tonic, treatment masque and volumising foam – all contain an ingredient derived from swiss apple that promotes longevity. This ingredient – plant stem cells – works deep in the hair follicle to treat the root cause of ageing hair from within. They have even performed their own clinical trials to prove that it works on the cells within the hair responsible for retention, enabling hair to last longer and grow stronger.

What I noticed from the very first time I used the range was the lack of stickiness and the hydration it gave. Rather than weighing my hair down or gluing it up, it felt very light and bouncy with w real shine to it. It was easy to comb through and blow dry and had masses of body, I was able to run my hands through it without it feeling in any way sticky. In fact it was actually quicker to blow dry and I would say that using the Salon Science range has improved the manageability greatly, this has freed up time in the morning which has been an added bonus! I also noticed that my hair maintained its style for a couple of days without going flat and fuzzy, this has been great as I don’t have to wash it so often which will no doubt also help to improve the long term condition.

I have been using the Salon Science range for the past 8 weeks and I have noticed a marked improvement in both the volume and condition of my hair, to such an extent that I will continue to purchase the range following this trial, I have even had comments from people who know me asking if I have had my hair done differently and saying how nice it looks.  Cost wise is less than what I was paying for products from my hairdresser and with the Salon Science range I have got the very best version of my hair and that’s actually pretty good!

Available from with prices starting at £12.00.

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