This is BallsSheet!

Sheet Masks for the Family Jewels

Do your Hairy Marbles look like Yoda? Are your Giggle Berries affecting your Tinder results?

Try the worlds first Balls (yes men’s balls) Sheet Mask to ‘Wake up with a fresh set of Family Jewels!’  Watch this video it’s hilarious:


The 100% natural fibre brief is infused with tingling mint oil, aloe vera and hydrating nut oil, to leave your crown jewels as smooth as your face

Simply pop them on before you go to bed at night, and wake up with a fresh set of balls.

A 7th Heaven spokesperson said: “At 7th Heaven, our masks cater for every part of the body from our finger masks to our face and foot masks. And we felt it was important to address a growing demand for products which can pamper men’s most important pieces of flesh, to make them feel fresh and pampered and give their partners a treat.”

It’s a Thing!!  So who wants to review these bad boys for the magazine? Email me to place your interest at

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