Top 5 Mindfulness Tips

Spring into your new wellness routine this March with the Top 5 Mindfulness Tips and the new super relaxing DE-STRESS COLLECTION from Aromatherapy Associates

A restless mind or aching muscles can be soothed and supported with the De-Stress collection. Lavish your tired muscles with energizing and repairing blends of highly active essential oils for instant relief and refreshment. Treat a busy mind to a moment of reflection with our focusing blend packed with the magical properties of Frankincense.


Top 5 Mindfulness Tips
Aromatherapy Associates Nicola Addison is a Fitness, Nutrition & Mindfulness Expert

Nicola is on the panel of Aromatherapy Associates Wellbeing Experts and is a designated De-Stress spokesperson. The De-Stress Collection is the perfect connection to complement Nicola’s area of expertise. De-Stress Collection has been expertly blended to ease mental and physical congestion, leading the way for relaxation.

Organise thoughts with De-Stress mind, with Frankincense and Camomile to calm and refocus paired with refreshing rosemary this oil can give you a fresh outlook on situations causing stress or anxiety. Ease tired muscles with De-Stress Muscle, Black Pepper to relieve pain, Lavender to reduce inflammation and Ginger to warm and stimulate circulation. Essential oils can stay with you for 6-8 hours, keep that post bath feeling topped up with Layer locking the De-Stress Muscle Gel followed by De-Stress Body Oil.


Mindful kindfulness tips to yourself from Nicola:

  1. Go on a walk, make eye contact and smile at someone you don’t know.
  2. Congratulate someone you know & make it specific. Meaningful praise only!
  3. Make time in your calendar and visit someone you don’t see regularly.
  4. Say 3 nice things about your body EVERYDAY whilst getting dressed.
  5. Discover your own strategy to alleviate stress. Listen to your favourite song, speak to a loved one….find your stress triggers and seek ways to fix them within yourself.


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