Wellness and Skin Health Expert Marie Reynolds

We are delighted to welcome renowned wellness and skin health expert Marie Reynolds to the Totally Aesthetic Magazine contributor panel.

Marie Reynolds is a celebrated expert in the UK and her approach to client consultation is unique and has led to Marie building a reputation as a progressive skin health practitioner.  Marie deals not only with the visual and physical causes of skin problems, but also the mental thought patterns that have a direct effect on how our skin acts and behaves. It is through her in depth study of Noetic Science that makes Marie Reynolds stand out from the crowd and has evolved her treatments as leading the way in intuitive touch therapies. She also combines homeopathy within her Bowen treatments that target sports injuries, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and reproductive conditions.

Having worked in the professional skin care and wellness industries for over 30 years, both as a therapist, a judge and behind the scenes working with skin care brands and creating her own brands has given Marie the edge when it comes to creating new facial treatment techniques and training. Marie holds qualifications in Beauty Therapy, Homeopathy, Genetics, Counselling, Aromatherapy, Oriental Diagnosis, Bowen Technique and Teaching. She has lectured worldwide in skin care treatments, nutrition and advanced consulting.

It is her experience in progressive skin therapy and advanced holistic wellbeing that has garnered much attention for Beauty Editors and Celebrities around the UK and beyond.

Marie is known for her unique approach to healing the skin through her Noetic Therapy as she believes that the body and skin can heal itself through conscious behaviour patterns. The skin reflects through emotions an example being anxiety will reflect sensitivity, stomach issues can also cause extreme inflammation so dealing with the mind set of stress and negotiating with the stomach will indeed heal the skin.

In her vast experience as a wellness and progressive skin guru, Marie has practiced as a Guest Therapist in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues including KX Gym – Chelsea, BVLGARI Spa – Knightsbridge.  Marie now runs a busy practice in London’s Fortnum and Masons, Piccadilly and is also opening up a brand new clinic in Norfolk where she lives.

Do you have a question for Wellness and Skin Health Expert Marie Reynolds?  Simply email: ASK@totallyaesthetic.com or get in touch with her directly:  Call 01603 926500 or fill out her patient enquiry form

A note from Marie: Totally Aesthetic is an informative and exciting new magazine that I am proud to contribute to. The Aesthetic industry is ever evolving with new techniques and trends which, this innovative magazine seems to be at the cutting edge and the forefront of. I have been in the aesthetic industry for many years and am thrilled to be able to share my experiences and knowledge to it’s readers.