We explore Power Plates proving that they are not just for Astronauts

I am LAZY!  Ok there I said it!  I have just outed myself as being lazy but it is only when it comes to going to the gym.  I would need a personal PT to motivate me to work out at a traditional gym with weights and running machine, I can’t run.  So how pleased am I to have found a really cost effective way to get personal training with 3 or 4 new friends tagging along – Power Plates at Pure Power Studios in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Each 25 minutes session of what is normally sheer hell is over so quickly that you do not have time to dislike it.  And with fantastic, motivational and unrelenting trainers like owners Holly and Ryan, it is actually really fun as well as a brilliant way to get into and stay in shape.  We spoke to Team Pure Power Wells and asked them to tell us more.

We explore Power Plates proving that they are not just for AstronautsHolly said “Whether you want to look better, feel better, or play better, POWER PLATE® classes at Pure Power Studios are the solution.”

Visitors can enjoy impactful results from a 25 minute, instructor-led, full body workout. Our classes are designed to fit in around a busy lifestyle, on the way to or from work,  at lunchtimes, or for those with small children who still want to to stay active.

We have a shower and changing facilities at the studio (including hairdryer and hair straighteners) so there is no excuse not to work your body to the max! We’re also happy to welcome mums or dads with children.

“Our classes are more like small group training sessions, with a maximum of 6 people per session and are fully instructor-led, so you will always have the expertise of our fully qualified POWER PLATE® instructors to guide and motivate you as you workout.” Said co-0wner Ryan.

The sessions include a warm-up, exercise programme to suit all abilities and a fabulous massage at the end, well worth it and you’ll love seeing how your body changes!

We explore Power Plates proving that they are not just for AstronautsUsed by athletes, sports teams, celebrities and busy people everywhere, POWER PLATE® is the fast, effective way to increase your fitness, build strength and tone your body. Medically certified, Power Plate technologies are backed by research and proven by science (read more at www.powerplate.com) which is why some of the best athletes in the world use Power Plate.

So whether you’re just starting out or are a fitness buff, our 25 minute workouts can help show a tangible difference so why not come and see us in the centre of Tunbridge Wells for a FREE TRIAL TAMAG SESSION – to qualify just follow them on Facebook and/or Instagram and quote #POWERTAMAG when booking.

Find out why so many others love the benefits of the POWER PLATE® and Pure Power Studios – Like PT but without the price tag!

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We explore Power Plates proving that they are not just for AstronautsPure Power Wells also offer Diet & Lifestyle Assessments with fab trainer Roel McMahon . Every #powertamag client will receive 10% off of her health packages. Roel is a primal health coach focussing on how our bodies should move, eat and sleep the way we were designed to.

So if you have hit a wall or reached a plateau with weight loss or want to make improvements to your health and body then a look at your eating and drinking habits will dramatically help you.

Here is a link to THE REAL HEALTH THING – Roel’s website so you can find out more about her and all the great packages we can discount for you.

Drop us an email at info@purepowerstudios.co.uk, or give us a call on 01892 537760 to book your free trial session and get on your way to a fitter healthier you!

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