We get all Yoga Fresh

We get all Yoga Fresh – Review

As part of their regular lifestyle and wellness column for Totally Aesthetic, Helen and Steph at Studio One Pilates are often sent some great and sometimes not so great things to try and test out.

This month they tried and tested Yoga Fresh Room and Cleaning Sprays from The Lemongrass Trading Company

The Lemongrass Trading Company is a family company, based in West Dorset, but with life-long associations with India.

It was by chance that they first came across Lemongrass Essential Oil, in Ootacamund, a renowned Hill Station of South India. In the days of the Raj the Governor of Madras and his entire entourage would shift up to ‘Snooty Ooty’  to escape the summer heat. Here, in the famous Rose Garden, where over 3000 varieties of roses are grown, we found a temporary stall run by a local Farmers’ Cooperative, selling their home grown, harvested and distilled Herbal Oils.  They bought their first small bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil, and were enchanted by its fragrance – the rest as they say is Lemongrass!

The 100% Natural, pure Lemongrass studio spray and anti-bacterial mat spray arrived and we couldn’t wait to use it and we weren’t disappointed.

Lemongrass has for generations been used extensively in medicine, for its powers as a deodorant, as a disinfectant, and an antibacterial ingredient. In Ayurvedic Medicine Lemongrass is used to uplift and re-energise the spirit.

The Lemongrass Trading packaging is lovely, the perfect size bottle and the smell is just so refreshing.

Lemongrass Yoga FreshLemongrass Natural Room Freshener (£12.95)

The lemon grass is uplifting and energizing for any studio space and instantly takes away the smell of bodies after a little spritz.

I have to say that we had so many compliments about the smell of the studio from our clients, one lady said that the lovely citrus smell took her right back to Thailand.

What are the USP’s

  • Uplifting fragrant Room Spray to refresh living room, bathroom, kitchen
  • 100% natural essential oils and natural plant extracts
  • No added chemicals – no preservatives, no animal testing
  • Handmade in the UK
  • 125ml or 250ml refill
  • Safe to breathe. Family and pet safe

We loved it!

Lemongrass Yoga Fresh

Yoga Fresh

The mat and equipment spray was great too as we only use water and tea tree oil to spray our equipment so the 100% natural ingredient really appealed to us. It was perfect to wipe down ours Mats and Pilates Reformers after a busy session.

The price ranges from £7.95 for a 50ml bottle to £12.95 for a 125ml depending on what product you choose and we think it is worth it.

5 stars for these all natural handmade products from Dorset

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