We talk Jockey without the Horses

By Ross Linton

Sometime this job can be really pants!  only joking but I am talking Jockey without the Horses as I roadtest the Jockey – Cotton Stretch Short Trunks all in the name of male grooming.  You need to be just as smart down there as you are uptop!

When it comes to men’s underwear it’s important to find a brand that can meet the essential needs. Gents want their underwear to be comfortable, fit to perfection and also have a multi-purpose, by this I mean being able to wear them for work but also being able to wear them while in the gym or slugging it out on the sofa at home.

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Jockey has established itself as a very successful apparel brand. USA born they have been around for over 140 years and puts a lot of pride into its products, hence being one of the front runners in their game. Jockey’ underwear collection are made from a high cotton count and use a stay dry fabric. Essential for every man as it makes them so durable in the day to day grind.

To conclude, these are the best points:

  • Quality fit
  • Maximum comfort and durability
  • Stay dry fabric especially good during gym workouts
  • A vast amount of timeless styles and colours
  • Non-irritating

It’s fair to say that they are of the finest quality and offer an overall high comfort and fit rating.

#RossRecommends Jockey – Cotton Stretch Short Trunks as a MANESSENTIAL!

To get some of these comfy bad boys at just £22 for three check out www.jockey.co.uk