What 5 things do women look at, when they first meet a man?

First impressions really do count!

by Stephen Handisides 

Spotted the woman of your dreams on the train? Think she won’t notice your dirty trainers and 5 o’clock shadow? Well you are wrong! Women are an observant bunch and they don’t miss a thing. We spoke to male grooming expert, Stephen Handisides to get the low down. Asking, ‘what do women look at, when they meet a man for the first time?’

Men in the UK are some of the most stylish in the world. Male grooming is growing in popularity, with sales of men’s grooming product estimated to tip the £608million mark, by 2017*. But with all these lotions and potions, are we really doing it right? Together with the team at MyFaceMyBody we recently conducted a survey from a cross-section of women, from four different continents on what aesthetically they look for in a man. The results give a valuable insight into what many men can improve on.

The overwhelming response from women, is that on meeting a man for first time, they instantly look at the aesthetics. So smile, hands, hair, eyes and lastly shoes. Basically a man’s overall appearance and presentation, so first impressions really do count!

So for men, male grooming, is important, but spending hours in the bathroom isn’t essential. Maintain the basics and it’ll only take you a few minutes each day to keep you looking sharp.

The fundamentals are easy, a good haircut, crisp shave, or neatly trimmed beard, style in the wardrobe department and lastly clean hands and short nails. No dirty fingernails please (this was a major and surprising complaint from the survey results).

Remember, your barber is your friend. Visit a good barber’s regularly they’ll give you a great haircut that suits the shape of your face, a good shave and remove any of those mono-brow issues.

Don’t be afraid of men’s grooming products, have fun and try out different brands. My personal favourites are Ultraceuticals, Dirt for Men and Aspect Dr, but experiment and find what you like. Moisturise, use deodorant, wax / pomade and a find a great aftershave that isn’t too overpowering. A classic fragrance won’t date and won’t be too strong. You want them to remember your scent, not be knocked out by it.

A great smile is important, we have an excellent dental system in the UK, so there is no excuse for chipped, stained teeth. Visit your dentist every six months and they’ll keep your pearly whites looking bright.

You don’t necessarily have to wear designer clothes to impress. It is all about how you present yourself. You can’t go past a sharp suit for style factor, but if the occasion doesn’t allow it, then a crisp shirt, casual chino’s or jeans and good quality pair of leather shoes can look really stylish. Dress for the occasion, black tie formal, wear a sophisticated tuxedo, casual dinner date, smart shirt and dress jeans. Just remember, your look doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some great men’s high-street brands around where you can emulate the high end, designer looks for a fraction of the cost. Check out men’s fashion and grooming blogs and Instagram for men’s style tips and inspiration.

Lastly and most importantly, have confidence, look her in the eye and smile. Start a conversation, pay her a compliment or open a door, who knows where it will lead.

Picture credits PerfectlyAttired.co.uk   Twitter @PerfectAttire

*Statistics according to © Statista 2016

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