What is all the fuss about this new facial

What makes the Comcit Facial different to other facials?  Our favourite beauty blogger and leader of The Harmony Army, Ashlie went to find out

Oh! Crystal Clear! As a self proclaimed ambassador for this skin care line, I was excited to try one of their most recent launches – the Comcit Facial.  There are multiple options available for the ComCit service, however I chose to forgo the added extras and stick with the infusion and roller service.

With celebrity endorsements including Katie Price, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s no wonder I was looking forward to trying the facial they’re calling “the most advance anti-aging skin system yet”. A bold statement by any means, especially in the ever-developing beauty industry.

My treatment was carried out by an extremely knowledgeable skin therapist at The Beauty Rooms, which instantly puts you at ease when you’re trying something new. After a thorough consultation, I was informed the facial would involve an infusion and a dermal roller. Now I am aware of these terms being in the beauty industry, but they may seem intimidating if you’re a skincare newbie so I will go into more detail as I come to them.

The treatment itself is broken down into four main sections with a cleanse, mask and moisturiser added at various intervals.  Watch this video to see how I got on!


The facial began with what happens to be my favourite product in this range – Soothing Cleansing Gel. I’ve used this particular item since my teenage acne breakouts and whenever I attempt to try something new my skin returns to a lumpy and unsightly mess that I would rather avoid!

The relaxing cleanse was followed by a strong exfoliation. As someone who has relatively sensitive skin and a very low tolerance for discomfort I felt this exfoliation to be a little harsh for my preference, but I put my total trust in the experts and went with it. I’m glad I did, and my therapist, Amy talked me through every stage.

Now here’s where it gets weird. Amy advised me that she was going to do the Cryo Oxygen part of the facial – this involved a strong blast of cold air over my face. The freezing cold oxygen feels slightly tingly but pleasant in an “I feel fresh and have the skin of a goddess” kind of way, and is designed to cool and oxygenate the skin in preparation for the stages that follow.

The next part of my facial was the Micro Channelling Roller designed to induce controlled micro-trauma and stimulate collagen growth, creating pathways to the dermal junction to allow the product to penetrate through the skin.

I’m no stranger to a dermal roller and I welcomed this with open arms knowing the abundance of benefits microneedling offers, however this service isn’t as relaxing as the rest of the facial, and does have the sensation of tiny pricks all over your face combined with a cold liquid or air blown onto the skin which I personally find slightly uncomfortable – although you do feel as though your skin is really being worked. The product infusion combined with the microneedling really works, and makes for a much more powerful facial than the standard micro needling or dermal roller services I’ve experienced.

My therapist used a 0.5 roller, which is usually recommended for a first session, taking the needle deeper in the skin could be a little too invasive for a first-timer.

If I’m being totally honest here, the micro-roller was my least favourite part of the facial. My tolerance for pain is nothing short of pathetic as I mentioned earlier, and I always struggle with any needle-based service around my forehead. That being said, I’d recommend this service in a heartbeat.

When my forehead had recovered from its own mini panic attack, we moved on to the Puncture Jet Oxygen – this sounds much scarier than it was, it actually sounded like a vacuum or a small child blowing raspberries and had a tickling sensation which I didn’t expect which resulted in me trying to stifle my giggles in the beauty room so as not to disturb the other clients. Fighting my immature urge to laugh like a hyena, I was reassured that this strange but interesting part of the procedure would help to soothe and restructure my skin I was keen for the therapist to continue!

Finalising the treatment with a Lavender infused detox mask and my personal favourite Hydracell Serum I was good to go.

Providing me with manageable after-care advice, Amy finished the treatment and I left feeling fresher, tighter, glowing and like my skin had had a workout of its own.

I may be slightly biased having started my love affair with Crystal Clear at the tender age of 14 when the perks of teenage acne reared it’s ugly head – this treatment did nothing to alter that. It has to be said that the combination of all parts of the machine worked exceptionally well together and I’ll definitely be booking another! The best part of this service is the zero down time, allowing you to enjoy the facial in your lunch hour and go about the rest of your day as normal!

All in all this is one of the better facials I’ve experienced, and even now over a week later my skin is still showing huge signs of improvement. My spots are visibly reduced and much less painful, the tone and texture of my skin is much brighter and tighter, and my make up application is a dream! Thank You to Amy and The Beauty Rooms for a fantastic Service!

Ashlie x

The Harmony Army – Beauty Blogger

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